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a note from your director

Goodbye February, hello March. Can you believe that we have come to the end of February already!! The time just keeps moving on by!

This week is scheduled to be a regular week as long as Mother Nature does not decide to alter our days with another freezing blast of winter.

This week we are slated to follow our weekly schedule with the exception of one added item. We need to have a Hawaii Band rehearsal. Knowing our weekly band schedule includes large groups rehearsing already on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday that only leaves this Wednesday to have a rehearsal for our Hawaii Band. We will begin as soon as possible after school (4:30 p.m.) and should be finished by 6:00 p.m. This will be our only Hawaii rehearsal as we prepare to depart next week! That’s right, we leave for Hawaii NEXT week!! Music will be distributed on Monday and Tuesday in preparation for Wednesdays rehearsal.

We want to say thank you to all of the students and parents who have donated items for our upcoming TCGC Winter Guard contest. We have hosted a TCGC Winter Guard Contest each year at Johnson HS, and the event has become something we look forward to providing for Winter Guards across Texas! It is also a very important fundraiser for our programs. Thank you for your donations of items, your donation of time and for your support! Let’s make this years contest on March 19th even more successful! Sign up to help by clicking HERE.

Speaking of volunteers, we are going to need parent and student volunteers again for our Pre-UIL Festival on March 24, at the Hays PAC. Parents - click on this Sign-Up Genius to volunteer. Students volunteers will be collected during class times. Thanks in advance for your support!

In addition to hosting the Pre-UIL Festival, the Johnson Band is also hosting the official UIL Concert & Sightreading Evaluation on Tuesday, March 29, and Wednesday, March 30, at the Hays PAC. We will once again be in need of volunteers to help with this event. The areas of needed adult volunteers are to help monitor the warm-up room, the Sightreading room and with Mrs. Mendez in contest office. Not difficult duties but each extremely important!! Please consider volunteering! Sign up HERE!

Wind Ensemble students and parents! Our regularly scheduled Monday evening rehearsal schedule will be adjusted for Monday, February 28! This rehearsal will be held in the Hays PAC, NOT the JHS Band Hall, and will be from 5:30 - 7:30 p.m.! (Yes, 2 hours). This is our only opportunity to rehearse on stage at the PAC. Please know that we want to watch the clock and if arriving at the PAC for a 5:30 p.m. rehearsal becomes late due to traffic we will shift to a 6:00 p.m. downbeat and an 8:00 p.m. dismissal. Again, this is only if traffic blocks our ability to arrive for a 5:30 downbeat. We will not be able to provide a bus from JHS to the PAC for this 5:30 p.m. rehearsal as they will still be running their normal bus routes after school. Please let Mr. Lucita know if your Wind Ensemble student needs transportation to the PAC that afternoon. All students will leave for home directly from the PAC after rehearsal that evening. This will be our most important rehearsal this spring and we need everyone there ready to go and prepared to the highest level! Again - Wind Ensemble at the PAC for Monday evening rehearsal on March 28th.

Please make sure you keep an eye on the band calendar, the ever changing COVID protocols as we prepare to travel, and keep working hard to perfect your skills for band, guard and everything you do!

As always, “It’s A Great Day To Be A Jaguar!”

WHAT'S HAPPENING THIS WEEK (February 28 - March 5)

Click here for the full Johnson Jaguar Band Calendar.

February 28

Wind Ensemble Rehearsal @ the PAC (5:30 - 7:30 p.m. OR 6 - 8 p.m. depending on traffic)

JV & Varsity Winterguard Practice (5 - 8 p.m.)

March 1

Wind Ensemble Flute & Oboe Sectional (8 - 8:45 a.m.)

Wind Ensemble French Horn Sectional (4:30 - 5:15 p.m.)

March 2

Wind Ensemble Clarinet Sectional (8 - 8:45 a.m.)

Hawaii Band Rehearsal 4:30 - 6 p.m.)

March 3

Spirit Night @ Amici & Snowball's Chance (5 - 8 p.m.)

Wind Ensemble Alto Sax Sectional (8 - 8:45 a.m.)

Wind Ensemble Trumpet Sectional (4:30 - 5:15 p.m.)

JV & Varsity Winterguard Practice (5 - 8 p.m.)

March 5

JV Winterguard competition: TCGC @ Ann Richards School, JV performance @ 2:06pm

Varsity Winterguard competition: WGI Regional @ Glenn HS, Varsity performance @ 5:22pm



The Hosts with the Most (Texas Color Guard Circuit, March 19)

We need your help in hosting the Texas Color Guard Circuit (TCGC) on March 19th! As many of you will recall, this competition is very well-attended and provides us with not only an opportunity to showcase our program to the entire area (our competition date is the Class A Championship and Area Finals) but an opportunity to raise funds for the band and guard program! Last year we raised $7,900, and that was a COVID year!

This year, the competition will allow for students to stay and watch other guards, and there will be award retreats at the end of classifications! (That should be good for concession sales!)

In order for this competition to be a success, we need many volunteers. It takes a village! So please sign up HERE!


Calling all vendors and local businesses! Are you interested in being a vendor or sponsor of the March 19th Texas Color Guard Circuit Competition Area Finals being held at Johnson High School? We anticipate having over 1400 people in attendance at this all day event that is being hosted by the Johnson Band Boosters. This is an excellent opportunity to connect with people from all over Central Texas! Please see our Event Sponsorship page for details.

Sponsors interested in sponsoring at a higher level than what is shown on this page can reach out to Carmen Sifuentes at to make arrangements. The Johnson Band and Guard Programs thank you for your support of our award winning programs!

Big picture

What you need to know for this week...

Click here for spring practice and competition dates!


Guard parents, we need your help! Please sign up below to volunteer during the Winterguard season. Thanks in advance for playing your part in their success!

Floor Crew & Photographer:

Meal Plans

Don't forget to register with VIP! Hays VIP volunteer registration


Check it out at

Private Lessons:

You can also find information about Private Lessons on the band website at Look for the Vegas Gold boxes.

Winterguard Fees: $200

This fee covers costs such as unitards, inventory for shoe and glove replacements, competition entries, prop supplies, design and production services, and shared cost of contributing towards production of show, including cost of floors, props and costumes.

Please note that we are able to keep these costs low by 1) contribution from boosters towards costumes and props; and 2) the small amount of funds provided by the district to the overall “band” program. (FYI each color guard costume, whether it be marching band or winter guard, costs on average $200).

You can pay your Winterguard Fee on the band website at

    • If you would like to make arrangements for payments or seek assistance with costs, please feel free to contact Ida Musgrove at We do not want costs to prevent any student from participating in guard!

what's coming up? SAVE THESE DATES!

March 1

Booster General Membership Meeting, 6:30 pm @ JHS band hall

March 2

Band Banquet Planning Meeting, 6 pm @ JHS band hall

Parents and Guardians interested in helping make our first official band banquet (includes guard!) an unforgettable event are invited to attend!

March 9

Hawaii Trip Begins

March 19

TCGC Competition @ Johnson High School - Sponsored by Johnson Band

April 6-9

JHS Varsity competes at WGI World Championship

Week of April 25

Spring Camps for New Members

June 21 - 23

The Breakdown Camp (to be hosted at JHS, June 21-23)

Check out the Jaguar Band featured on their home page!


Make sure to check more out at (password: GoJags)


how do i support johnson jaguar band?

Join the Johnson Jaguar Band Boosters!

Subscribe to Fly a Flag! Show your National Pride AND support the Johnson High School Band! The Johnson Band Boosters are offering a US Flag Subscription service! For national holidays a 3’ x 5’ flag on a pole will be placed in your front yard. The flags will be installed at least one day before the holiday and will be removed after the holiday (length of display will vary depending on when the holiday occurs). A one-year subscription to the Fly A Flag Program is $52. At this time, this service is only being offered in the Johnson High School attendance zone.


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