Genesis Update


Referrals for student misconduct for minor infractions will now be reported to administration through Genesis. You will only be able to generate discipline referrals for YOUR students. If you need to address a discipline concern with a student not on your roster please contact the appropriate administrator. Directions on the process can be found here or in the video below. Just as in the past, please keep descriptions concise and to the point and do not mention other students involved in the description. If further information is necessary, please e-mail it to the appropriate administrator. Make sure to contact the student's parent/guardian regarding the concern and document the contact in the notes section of Genesis. Once the referral has been addressed by administration, you will see an action in the discipline screen. You have the ability to go back and edit or delete the event if necessary. If you have a major discipline concern or a concern for a student not on your roster, please contact the appropriate administrator.

Parent Contact

This year we are moving away from documenting parent contact on the shared. All parent contact should be documented in Genesis under the individual child as opposed to an Excel document on the shared. All types of contact should be recorded in Genesis in the "Notes" tab. "Notes" are for inter-school communication between staff and while they will not be visible on the Parent Portal, they should be professional and concise. A report can also be run through Genesis by administration to track the contact you have made. Please see the video below for further details. Please be advised there are 3 types of "notes" in Genesis.

  1. Overall notes that all staff have access to. These notes are inputted from the "main student data screen" . Whenever communicating with home please place notes here.
  2. Grade book notes that are visible only to you. These notes are inputted from within your grade book. Use this section for more anecdotal notes that might not be relevant to other staff members.
  3. Assignment notes are tied to just one particular assignment in your grade book. These are private but CAN ALSO BE SHARED ON PARENT PORTAL if you would like. These notes such only be used for specific comments to a single assignment such as great job or handed in late.

Please see the REVISED video below for more information.

Genesis Notes


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