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We are one of the few Protein Companies that actually show you how to use our product. Learn how versatile Complete Truth is; not only for shakes and smoothies, anything from Energy bars to cookies, muffins and even pancakes! This recipe book will not only show you how to prepare with Complete Truth, it will also show you how to bake and substitute to make any recipe a healthy one.

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Why Complete Truth?

Complete Truth was made for those that want a truly healthy product with no fillers, additives, preservatives, toxins or chemicals; nothing was added in the processing stage. It was not heating making this a RAW whole food. What's also important is nothing has been stripped either. These whole foods remain intact with fiber, healthy fats, slow digesting carbs and the good quality calories we need for energy in everyday life. This product is a life changer and the recipe book will show you how.

True Form

Complete Truth was created by Drew Tadda's True Form, a truly original company in the health and fitness world. Complete Truth is only one of the many avenues True Form has created to improve the health and quality of lives. For more information visit