The Red Scare

Ireland Griffin


  • Senator Joesph McCarthy starring as That Guy from Wisconsin
  • Maragaert Chase Smith as The Good Girl

The Red Scare Premiere

Tuesday, April 1st 1947 at 12pm

The United States of America

  • As the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States intensified in the late 1940's and early 1950's, hysteria over the perceived threat posed by Communists in the U.S. became known as the Red Scare.

Events during the Red Scare

  • McCarthyism helped fuel suspicions of spies and communists in America. With conflict in Korea escalating, Americans feared that communism was soon upon them. McCarthy reassured the Americans by stating: "the Communists within our borders have been more responsible for the success of communism abroad the Soviet Union."
  • Another event during the Red Scare was the race to space. Sputnik was the first artificial satellite launched into space by the Soviets. This launch of Sputnik into space made many Americans worry that the US was falling behind in technological advancements.