Rohan's Helpful Division Strategies

Have you ever noticed that their are a few strategies to solving division! Well today I will show the tricks for 1,2,5,and10 and 1 more other one that you can use if your a multiplication person. First is 1 anything divided by 1 is the same number you divided by.(45/1=45). Next is 2,anything divided by 2 is usually half of that number that you divided with[60/2=30].Then 5,anything divided by 5 is always going to end with 5 or 0 [100/5=20].Last is 10, for 10 all you have to do is take away the 0 if their is no 0 than it is not divisible by 10 [150/10=15]. The other one you can use is changing it to a multiplication problem. For example,144/12, you can turn it into 12 x n = 144. You can use any letter it really does not matter. The n represents the quotient or answer to the problem. Now all you have to do is think think and think. I hope this helped you in division! And if it did not then you can use this video down here.
How to Change Multiplication to Division : Principles of Math