All about Elijah

By:Elijah Bliske

What are my hobbies?

My hobbies consist of mainly two things,Gaming and watching videos online.I usually like to play games that are first person shooters like the call of duty series,but,I also like to play old games like Pokemon and Mario. That's why I like to watch videos of people playing the games that I don't have.

My family

In my family I have two sisters,a mom, a dad, and two grandmothers.

I am the youngest of my sisters,their names are Madeline and Clara.Madeline is the oldest and Clara is in between me and her.Both of my grandfathers have died, one I did not know very much except for one day.The other passed away last year in late summer.I also have two cats and two dogs,the cats names are Kitser and Lola.My dogs names are Rudy and Tucker.

foods I like

some weird foods I like are spinach,pickled asparagus,kipper snacks(smoked herring),and pickled herring.Some of the more common foods I eat are pizza,cereal,tortellini, and lasagna.