Emotions in Infancy

by: kaitlyn b & caitlin w

Emotions of Babies

  • Emotion - a feeling response to the world around us.
  • Newborns feels emotions such as contentment and distress.
  • Emotions grow more complex with age.
  • Caregivers play a large role in shaping of the baby's emotions.
  • Babies also learn from their caregivers how to react to situations.
  • Infants show many of their needs and emotions through crying.
  • Around 2 months, baby's cry varies to express different feelings.
  • A baby who is crying needs attention and care.
  • When a baby is crying first check the physical needs. (Not all the time will it be physical, sometimes they just need attention)
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Sleeping baby

There are a few time-tested techniques to putnbaby to sleep such as..

1. Cuddle - hold the baby close while sitting in a rocking chair or walking will soothe the baby.

2. Move the baby - new positions can help the baby fall asleep.

3. Sing - talking/singing softly to the baby.

4. Offer a toy - give a toy to the baby to interest them.

5. Massage - stroke or gently rub the baby's back. Also try rubbing lotion on their back and legs.

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