Will: A Writer

Reflections of a 12-year-old Writer

I'm A Writer Who...

I am a writer who does lots of crazy and amazing things. I like to write about all of the things I do. My strengths are writing about imaginary things. It is difficult for me to get my thoughts down on paper. I work harder when I am alone without distractions. I work better when the lights are out.

A Memorable Experience

In fifth grade, we had to write poems. It was the last writing project I did. It was a bad experience because it was hard to think of a topic. It was also hard to find words about the topic that fit into the format. I think it would help to make a list of ideas about a topic.

Sixth Grade Writing Goals

-I want to get my ideas down on paper faster.

-I want to make less grammatical mistakes.

-I want to spend more time revising.

-I want to try to enjoy writing.

About Me

I like to bike, run, and swim. I just finished my third triathlon. I like to play games with my parents, brothers, and sister. My favorite card game is Blackjack.