Midnight Bridge

Red Table




craft sticks


Material Justification

We used the clay to make the bridge. We picked the clay to make the bridge because we thought it would make it stronger than the other material. We didn't want the cardboard because if we put it down with tape and the tape came off, the cars could fall off. We used cardboard for a roof. We used the cardboard for the roof because it is dark, it is bendable, it can be attached to craft sticks easily, and it makes shade. We used the craft sticks to hold up the cardboard because craft sticks fit into the clay and they hold up the roof well. Bridges in the country have wood to hold up the roof like the craft sticks do. The stones were too short and the roof would be too low and big trucks couldn't go across the bridge. The roof would be too low and the trucks would be too tall. We put the craft sticks in the clay where the cars drive and then put clay on the of the craft sticks to make it sturdy.

Improvements for the Future

Next time we should lower the bridge so the cars can get on and off the bridge without crashing into the bridge or falling off of it. We would smooth out the road because if it is too bumpy the cars could get stuck and there would be a traffic jam. If the road was too bumpy a car could get a flat tire. We would also make the bridge wider so larger cars as well as more cars could get on the bridge at one time. We would also add more decorations so the bridge would not just be gray or dark gray. If we add more decorations the bridge would be colorful and would look fun to go on.

Our Group

Emily Madison

Miranda Jade

Madison Sparkman ( Not available for photo)