Green Tray Table and Cast Iron Base


For your porch or sunroom!

This wonderful tray table was acquired at an antiques store that also home some unique new furniture in stock and I get comments on it all the time. A good size, the tray table (which is removable for use as a tray) is 19.5" wide and 36" long (and about 2.5" deep). It sits at a little bit over 20" high with the actual cast iron base (which folds slightly) at around 18" high.

The painted decoration is in a dark green and cream finish with little topiary trees painted in the cream squares. There are a few chips in a corner area in some of the dark green squares. For a crafter, this tray table could get a whole new look with some paint or a decoupage session (I had thought to tackle it with the outdoor decoupage medium to make it even more impervious to the elements). The cast iron base is beginning to show a little rust but nothing that a good can of Rustoleum couldn't fix.
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