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What will happen to her in Season 8

Watch Online and Know How Dexter and Debra’s Life Got Complicated

If you regularly watch Dexter online you would know that the season 8 of this mega series is an absolute thrill not just because of Dexter’s kills but the show taking a new turn of events. And that is the relation between Debra and Dexter. Whatever the killings Dexter do and get away from them, he and Debra have been at the center of attraction for quite a time now. Season 8 may culminate what all others may have not been speculating from the very beginning.

Dexter and Debra have always been there for the other, anchoring each other and going through all the tough phases in life. Dexter owes his sanity to Debra and it is just because of her that he hasn’t completely turned insane. Debra and Dexter both need each other in their lives, Debra more than Dexter. This is because she has got caught up in Dexter’s web of serial killings and cannot let him go. Yet she has faced a lot in her life of nearly getting arrested for DUI, being suggested to be finished off and others.

Dexter and Debra were brought up together but not as brother-sister. Yet it seems inappropriate that they be in love with each other as it is quite freaky. To see the back episodes watch Dexter online and find out how things turned up in those seasons. If the previous season belonged to Michael C Hall (Dexter), season 8 belongs to Jennifer Carpenter (Debra).

Many of them including the writers say that it is only natural that Dexter and Debra be together at the end. Many say that to validate this Debra is in love with Dexter. While we speculate about the point of its possibility, watch Dexter online and follow the characters how they play their roles. It is natural that only the season finale will tell what is in store for us.