Weapons of the Civil War


Weapons that were used in the civil war

The civil war had many guns and a much harsher conditions. The weapons played a vast role in the Civil War. Some of the most popular weapons were the musket and the cannon. The cannon was way more lethal the the musket the cannon could hit many enemies at a time. The musket was a single shot rifle that took a little longer to reload in combat.

The weapons that were used in the Civil War were not at advanced as today. The cannon is a very powerful weapon .CWPTbattlefields states, "The cannon took 5 men to hold, and kicked back eight feet when shot". Many weapons were used in the Civil War, but the cannon was one of the most powerful.The cannon could be used with two types of bullets. The first kind was a shrapnel. The shrapnel was used for the farther away shots such as firing into the enemy camp and to destroy buildings etc. The other kind is a canister or grapeshot. The canister is used to shoot at close range if the enemy is getting ambushed. Today a lot more cannons are made to be inside tanks so that they don't get blown up or get shot as easy.

Muskets were the rifles of the Civil War. The muskets were handout to every soldier and the were taught how to use them. Pulsen points out,"They reload by bitting the end off the paper cartridge,pouring the powder down the bore and setting the bullet on the powder with the ram rod."(Pulsen 10). The musket is not like a modern day gun where you get to just grab a new amp clip and reload. It takes more then just a few seconds to reload, it was a much harder process that restrained you from shooting many bullets at a time.

The weapons of the Civil War were not as good as the ones we have today. The weapons have advanced many generations and are still going to the next level. Many weapons can go for high prices if they were used in the Civil War. Many people believe they could have a weapon used in the Civil War but it could be replicated. Lastly, the weapons played a major role in the Civil war and help us get closer to being united.

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