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The Heart of Fulton County Schools

February 2014

Elementary Schools

Woodland Elementary

Mrs. Tracey Harlan, a second grade teacher at Woodland Elementary, won a grant from our PTA to bring an in-house field trip experience to all second grade students. The Lab Coat Kids program, led by Professor Glen Cohen, provided an hour long session performing various science experiments for the second graders. Students explored matter, energy, and forces. The classroom teachers and Professor Glen guided the students through the steps of each activity. The students performed tasks as directed and were captivated by the results. The science activities helped the students understand and enjoy the concepts being taught.

Middle Schools


The Atlanta Braves visited with Ridgeview Charter School students as part of the The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) No Place for Hate® bullying prevention campaign. The Braves showed their support for the Ridgeview Student Government Association’s anti-bullying campaign, an extension of our school wide IB/MYP curricular themes for the last two years (“Acceptance: A Step Beyond Tolerance” and “Perspective”). Be sure to tune in to WSB-TV on Sunday, March 16th, for a live show on bullying, hosted by Justin Farmer and Jovita Moore. The show will be taped at Ridgeview, and will feature our initiatives to prevent bullying!

High Schools


2014 FBLA RLC Awards Ceremony Results
Overall, Riverwood was recognized for becoming the 3rd largest chapter in the state.