Parkville High

Counselor Check In

Hey Knights!

As we wrap up another week of online learning, we want to take a minute to say how proud we are of all of you! You guys are showing up in big ways and that really says a lot about your resiliency and the determination you have to do what you can, with what you have!

Finding the motivation to show up is hard. Sometimes just waking up is your biggest accomplishment of the day and that's ok.


May is Mental Health Awareness Month- Please stay tuned for more information and daily schoology posts on mental health issues and self care tips! Also follow us on IG and Twitter for additional updates @counselphs

So, how's it really going?

I bet it's safe to say, we are all feeling some kind of way right now. Confusion, disappointment, anger, sadness...maybe even depression. THIS IS NORMAL !!! It's common and natural to have feelings like this, especially when we are grieving the loss of normalcy. Fortunately, there are things we can do to help us cope with our new, hopefully temporary, normal.


  • Schedule all your healthy activities, like exercise
  • Set aside time for schoolwork and hobbies
  • Schedule and prioritize whatever else you’d like, like family time or outdoor time
  • Create a chore schedule to keep your personal space together – or maybe even, use the time home to take on bigger projects like cleaning your closets and bedrooms. Consider this the perfect opportunity to start a donation bag for your local thrift store or church

  • Call and check in on a neighbor, especially the elderly
  • Zoom with your friends, teammates, or study partners
  • Send handwritten cards to friends or the local nursing home
  • Offer to help your neighbors with their lawn

  • Take a walk
  • Make yourself a calm bottle *see below for directions*
  • Journal
  • Take a break from your phone for a little bit everyday

While we recognize each of our school families have different dynamics, we understand different things work for different families

A Guide to Self Care while Social Distancing | Risk Bites
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Online Resources

Mental Health Urgent Online Therapy and Telemedicine at Sheppard Pratt, they accept Medicaid & Medicare and other major medical insurance companies Free mental health support by text messaging Free therapy with a licensed therapist Collection of various fun and healthy tools you can use when you are feeling anxious, panicky, or distressed. Information on how to speak to your parents about mental health An online community designed to inspire young adults impacted by mental health issues to think positive, stay strong and achieve their goals through peer support and resource sharing Crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ)

Education Free resource for personalized test practice for the ACT Free access to sponsored computer science courses Dive into subjects like writing composition, algebra, chemistry and data literacy Three months of free language learning to U.S. students through mid-June 2020 in any of its languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and English Free blend of textbook and software resources to help with math classes College Board is offering free learning opportunities for students preparing for their Advanced Placement exams, which are being delivered remotely in early May

Families All things related to BCPS and COVID-19 updates or Free internet access for 60 days for new customers, through Comcast One stop resource center for parents U.S. Department of Education provides resources to help parents in a variety of ways, covering early childhood education all the way through paying for college They connect first generation and underrepresented students to caring colleges, generous scholarships, and life-changing counselors and mentors's mission is to democratize access to career information and advice for underrepresented youth

Quarantine Craft: Make your own calming bottle

You'll need:

  • water bottle
  • clear or glitter glue
  • any kind of glitter
  • food color (optional)

Fill approximately 1/3 of your water bottle with glue add warm water and glitter. Replace lid and shake. To make glitter fall slower add more glue.

Important News

Changes to Food Program

While students are encouraged to be present when picking up meals, accommodations will be made for students who are unable to be present.

Students receive breakfast, lunch, and snack on Monday through Wednesday. On Thursday, students receive two breakfasts, two lunches, and two snacks for Thursday and Friday.

*Meals are NOT being distributed by BCPS on Fridays, but food is available for pick up at Parkville High on Fridays from 11am-1pm from the Student Support Network *

Arbutus Elementary School

Baltimore Highlands Elementary School

Battle Grove Elementary School

Berkshire Elementary School

Carney Elementary School

Carriage Hill Apartments

Chadwick Elementary School

Chesapeake High School

Church Lane Elementary School

Cove Village Apartments, Essex, in front of rental office

Deep Creek Middle School

Deer Park Middle School

Dulaney High School

Dundalk Elementary School

Dundalk High School

Elmwood Elementary School

Featherbed Elementary School

General John Stricker Middle School

Glyndon Elementary School

Halstead Academy

Hawthorne Elementary School

Johnnycake Elementary School

Kings Point Shopping Center in front of Kiddie Koach

Lansdowne High School

Logan Elementary School

Middle River Middle School

Milbrook Elementary School

New Town High School

Oakleigh Elementary School

Owings Mills Elementary School

Padonia Elementary School

Parkville High School

Pleasant Plains Elementary School

Riverview Elementary School

Rosedale Library

Saddle Brooke Apartments

Sandy Plains Elementary School

Scotts Branch Elementary School

Sollers Point Multi-Purpose Center

Sparrows Point High School

Stemmers Run Middle School

St. Peter Evangelical Lutheran Church, Eastern Ave.

Sussex Elementary School

Westchester Elementary School

Westland Gardens Apartments

Whispering Woods Complex

Winfield Elementary School

Woodlawn Middle School

Woodmoor Elementary School

Woodmoor Shopping Center


Bear Creek Elementary

Grange Elementary

Patapso High

Woodbridge Elementary

Important state and local resources

United Way: 211

Crisis text line: Text the word "HOME" to 741741 for free 24 hour support

Maryland Suicide and Crisis Hotline: 1.800.422.0009

Baltimore County DSS: 410.887.TIME

Baltimore County Crisis Response: 410.931.2214

Maryland Food Bank: 410.737.8282

And finally...

We're here for you

You're doing great, keep going!