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How to Shop at Ikawna.com.ph

How to Shop at Ikawna.com

Have your smartphones or computers? Better try to shop on ikawna.com.ph. Online shopping is the activity where everyone can buy things by the use of your smartphone or computer devices without going to mall get tired and spending hours on mall. But how to do online shopping?

Step #1

· First go to the website ex. (https://ikawna.com.ph). Then type the item that you are looking for at the search box.

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Step #2

· The result will appear after you press the search button, now start choosing for the item that you want. There are supporting information that will help you to decide for the item that you choose such as name of the item, picture of the item, item condition, price of the item, name of the seller, where the seller live, and it’s contact information.

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Step #3

· Now you already choose an item to buy, there is the contact information e.g. contact number then call or text the number to start transactions with seller.

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Step #4

· Then might you or the seller will set the meeting place in your convenience if the arrangement is clear for both parties.

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Step #5

· Then when the point that you already meet the seller, that’s the time that you may transact or already trade in.

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Step #6

· Better to check the item and make sure that you are satisfied before you agree to buy the item.

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