GTC 2015 - Know Before You Go


Countdown is on!!

With the countdown on, I wanted to outline a few of the expectations for GTC so you are prepared to be inspired, moved and to see you vision EXPLODE!!! A few little notes so you know what to expect :)
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Registration & Other Things To Know


You’ll want to register IMMEDIATELY when you get to Las Vegas. You will get a NameTag and a whole bunch of goodies. When you register you will know what Consultant Training to attend that Thursday afternoon. The sooner you register, the more likely you are to get the earlier slot which is more convenient for our Brandsma Nation Reception!


A pen and a notebook….the notebooks they give us don’t’ ever have enough room for me to write down everything…so I always bring a notepad where I can take gobs of notes!!

Bring you 100 person names list, your cellphone, a charger and your calendar with you because you may find yourself wanting to make calls!!

Bring your CAMERA so you can get tons of great pics for your EOA!!

Bring sample packs, business cards and mini prodpect packets for the people you will meet at the hotel, on the plane, at restaurants, etc. BE PREPARED!! You may run into your next ACE!!

What To Wear

Here's to help you pack.....

Thursday Day – Consultant Training (what used to be called “Early Bird”) – look cute. Can be a little more causal because most of you will be heading from the airport that day!

Thursday Night – Kick Off Ceremony & New Product Launch – You’ll want to wear our NATION shirt....the NAVY tank top or t-shirt that you should have ordered through your RVP!! You can also wear jeans this night!! I'm wearing the tank and I plan to bring a light jacket or sweater in case the MGM is cold inside :)

Friday & Saturday Morning and Afternoon General Sessions - All the rest of the training sessions I suggest you wear cute leggings or pants or skirt or dress with a cute top of course. Business casual….like what you would wear to our Nation Meting!!

NOTE!! – Bring flip flops to walk through the MGM. The place is huge and your feet will hurt if you are in heels the whole time. I always throw a pair of flip flops in my bag so I can throw them on whenever I want!

Grand Awards on FRIDAY NIGHT - when it says cocktail, people typically wear a cocktail dress, a cute dress or a nice pant suit. Don’t go out and buy anything, just look sharp…you will see everything!

PURE VIBE "WHITE PARTY" New Managers Celebration on SATURDAY Night – INVITE ONLY – This is going to be a blast!! WHITE PARTY take THREE by the MGM Grand pool!! Should be fun!! Free food and free drinks….can’t go wrong with that!! Oh and lots of dancing and remember....WEAR WHITE! Watch the video below for more inspiration about this amazing event!

2014 Arbonne GTC PURE VIBE, Las Vegas
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Wednesday, April 15th at 4:00pm - 4:45pm - Multi-Nation(Lucero Successline/Malcook Nation/Fortner Nation/Etc )- VP Reception! Great catching up with friends and sidelines before we all head to the VP Reception. This is a great time for pictures and rubbing elbows with other VPs!!

Wednesday, April 15th from 5-7pm - VP Gala Reception at the MGM!! Can't wait to celebrate the new VP's and connect with all the VP's company wide. Free drinks and appetizers at this event!

Wednesday, May 7th at 7:45pm- Dinner with Brandsma Nation VP’s (and VP’s in qualification!) at Shibuya!!

Thursday, May 8th from 4pm – 5pm - Brandsma Nation Welcome in courtyard in front of Signature Suites Tower 2! WEAR YOUR NAVY ARBONNE TANK or TSHIRT!!! Tarrah welcomes everyone, gifts are given out, VP’s introduce themselves and share their favorite benefit of being a VP at GTC. And you’ll now get to meet some of the names you have heard on all the calls!! This is great for team bonding, PICTURES and to catch an idea from those around you. We'll get a group pic!!

Saturday, May 10th from 5:30-6:30pm (event starts at 7pm) - New Managers Celebration Pre Party with wine and cheese in ENVP Tarrah Brandsma’s room!! Invite only….only those invited to New Managers Celebration to attend! Idea….for those of you not attending....doing a booking blitz in your room before you head to dinner as a team. Team up with sidelines!

Things to Expect

Be patient…there will be lines! A positive attitude about everything….let’s show people how we roll!

Saving seats can get crazy so just try to save seats for those in your room. My suggestion is to send two people in your room there a little early and then sit one or two seats apart from each other and put your bags in the seats next to you for your roomies. One of you can go down a little early each day (or you all can go early) and secure some good seats! It’s great to get in a little early to get some good seats!

The GTC "I Want It All" package for the new products will be available for purchase for those attending GTC and an incredible discount for GTC attenders!! You will want to purchase at least one (or for you and one to use as tester/display) of the IWIA!! From what I know the IWIA is roughly $800+ worth of product for around $350! And you'll get all the new products to be able to implement into your business and share when you get back from GTC!

Be positive when you talk to anyone…your team, your upline, your sidelines. We want to be known as the team that everyone wants to be apart of. There is no room for anything negative during this experience so please don’t ruin someone else’s time here with any negative feedback! We are going to have a blast and you’ll want to fully experience this event!!

Edify everyone…your upline, sidelines. This is the culture of Arbonne and we want to keep that in tact.

Cheer LOUD! We are going to have some fun recognition on stage this year. Let’s show people how proud we are of our uplines and sidelines that we know who will be on stage!

Be ready to be moved! This experience is like nothing you have every experienced…enjoy it, take it in, take tons of notes and be ready to come home to build your business to the next level!