a big word for all the stuff that you say in your head!

Really, we all do it...

You are probably having a dialogue in your head write now... yup, hopefully it is about how you thought you caught your teacher using the wrong write - it should be right - up to this point, you were probably thinking and she teaches me grammar?

EVERY DAY, usually we call it daydreaming... THE DIFFERENCE: a character voices it over, so the audience knows what is going on.

I mean think about it, wouldn't it be neat if you had to voice over your thoughts... like when is lunch? Why won't my parents let me go out tonight? (Even as the adults are giving what they think is important information....)

Some Famous Examples:

David Tennant - Hamlet's Soliloquy (RSC Hamlet)

Thank you Shakespeare - Great Example

Yes, he started making it popular... but now.... here are some you may know...

The Lion King - Simba & Rafiki (English)
Garfield And Friends - Binky Show.flv

Sometimes, CONVERSATION is better in your OWN HEAD!

(But in SOLILOQUY the audience knows just how good it is.)