Arts In Schools

By: Cassidy Jones, Kelsey Gray, and ANgel Vizcaino

The Arts

The Arts can be considered as one of the most under apprecciated things within schools. The main thing is always sports. But did you know that Arts can help raise test scores, grades, self esteem, and more?

Why don't people see the benefits of Arts?

  • Helps with Cross-Cultural Understanding-

Arts experiences foster pro-social behaviors and social tolerance that help prepare students for life in an increasingly global and culturally diverse world. Ensemble performance, community mural painting, and other group arts experiences in which participants are from diverse backgrounds demonstrate particular value for developing crosscultural understanding

How to Add More Arts

  1. Before and After school Programs
  • Many people cannot to the things they want because of money. The schools can sponsor fundraisers so that students can go without having to worry about money.
2. High schools students can go to other schools such as the Middle Schools and Elementary schools and interact with the younger students by reading, painting, or singing.
  • The schools can set aside days for certain people with the right requirements, such as good grades, can go and spend part of the school days with the younger kids. This provides an incentive to work harder and provides fun for both older and younger students, as well as being academically beneficial.
3. Partner with art programs and museums

  • With the help of museums and theaters and other programs, schools would be able to do field trips and expose more people to the arts. This would give them the chance to learn about art while still getting away from the institutional feeling schools bring.

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