The restaurants

Our favorite restaurant

The Arenal is a famous restaurant in Barceloa, where you can book a table and eat a lot of things . It's a fantastic place to meet with your family and friends. The restaurant is near the beach.
The food is delicious and they prepare a fantastic raw fish .The restauran has got a fantastic waiters .
The restaurant opens at 23:00 and closes at 23:30
we really recommend it .
Telf:932 21 08 10

The worst restaurant

It's a familiar fast food restauran in Barcelona next to the Sagrada Familia where you can eat pizza,meat and sandwiches, it has got a centennial appearence .
It's the worst restaurant in Barcelona ,the waiters are unfrendly, the chairs are uncomfortable, the food is terrible and very expensive. The meat and particularly beef tenderloin is awful. What is really noteworthy is the low quality of the product. There is baked in the pan but the accompanying sauce is horrible.
The place in my opinion is nothing special. The decoration is rather old and somewhat obsolete. The chairs are very uncomfortable, the food is terrible and the service is very bad.