Business Email Etiquette

Nicolas Coelho - Period 7


Do you ever get confused at the dinner table? Not knowing whether to use the fork or the spoon? Or which fork or which spoon? Or why are there so many utensils to begin with?

Our business dining etiquette training was created for organizations that want their employees to be at ease in any business setting: business lunch, dinner, or a cocktail party. In today’s competitive world, nothing is more revealing about a person than his/her business table manners. Our goal is to teach you subtle differences in dining and wine etiquette.

When you are seated at the table, pose and look around at other diners before picking up your dining utensils. At upscale restaurants, the waitstaff may place your dining napkin on your lap. Begin eating when everyone is served…


· Don’t talk while chewing your food: swallow your food first, then engage in a conversation.

· Don’t refold your napkin when leaving the dining table for a moment. Place your napkin on the back of your chair or your seat.

· Don’t blow on your food if it’s too hot – wait a moment until it cools off.

· Don’t make any offensive noises while dining with others – no slurping or burping.

· Don’t hold your utensils in a dagger position.


· Use your napkin every two or three bites while dining.

· Place your water or wine glass on the right-hand side of your table setting. Return your glass to the same spot so that your dining partner does not drink from your glass.

· Cut only one-bite size piece of food at a time.

· Work from the outside-in when dealing with your silverware.

· Swallow your food before you take a sip of your beverage or water.

· Place your dinner napkin at the left of your plate when finished eating – this is silent signal that you will be leaving the table.