April 2016

My Dream

Hi gals and a special hi to the 19 new stylists who have joined the team this month. I guess this might just be the first newsletter you've received from me and this is an extra special one and here's why.

I have a Dream. Yes I know it's a well used quote from an amazing leader but in fact I do and to have a chance of making that dream a reality for us all I need your help.

Let me take you back through The Dazzler Team history. I am both humbled, amazed and deeply overjoyed that we have been the first team to achieve every promotional milestone to date in Europe, this culminating in us achieving the position of Executive Director team last November. Now of course I personally played my part in that achievement but it was the sum of so many more fabulous promotions amongst the team as a whole and a humungous amount of Team Volume that got is where we are today. BUT, and this is where you gals come in, I'd love to hit it again in May so that we can go to HOOPLA as an Executive team and I think May is the month to do it. This is kudos for all of us by no means just me and it takes a super human push from all of us to get us there. You see any promotion is as important as the next and as they are all inextricably linked then I'd like to take a moment to list out what's so important to our team leaders.

Sarah Allmond loved and respected by so many of you not least by her own team would dearly love to hit Star Director again in May and doesn't she just deserve that.

Camilla Chiverton, Beth Hammond, Fiona Parry, Jo Wells and Elise Hepstinstall-Holmes again would love to walk the stage at hoopla as Directors flying the flag for our extraordinary team.

And what about our Associate Directors?

Cathy Molesy, Sharon Riley, Jane Jordon, Emma Dixson, Bernie Moss Collins and Hannah Pateman.

That's some line up and where we would any of us be without our Stars.

The power houses that are Sharmila Bousa, Catherine Dyke Price and Anita Gilmor not only want to go to Hoopla as Stars but as Heart of Leadership Stars.

That's an amazing achievement and it reflects not just on them but on their whole team.

And I happen to know that Louise Hargreaves, Mags O'Connor, Amanda Toner, Karen Le Fort, Anna Dark, Alice Clark, Kendall Platt, Jo Wilkins, Dena Naji, Jan Stewart and Laura Taylor all have their second time bonus payment to work for.

But each and every Star, Siobhan Walsh, Jo Angel, Gemma Hopkin, Clare Von Bergen, Maz Pennington, Linda Wood and Petrina Goldman along with their teams are vital. Vital to the Dazzler success.

Oh and by the way we need 500,00 TQV ( runs away and hides in a dark corner)

So can we do it .... I think we can and I hope with every part of me that we can pull this off and go to Hoopla Triumphant.

Whatever happens I love and adore all that you stand for, all that you are and all that you bring, not just to me and this team but to the community of women whom your serve.

You are very special people and I am proud and honoured to call you friends

May Madness

My little extra special promotion

I don't believe I should ask anything of you that I am not prepared to do myself and also to add a bit of spice to the proceedings I will be running an overall Dazzler Team Incentive to win a place at a very special event with me later on in the summer. Now I'm not going to tell you what the prize is yet and neither am I telling you what you need to do, but suffice it to say you will need shows in your diary for May. So whist you strive to earn your fabulous Engravable Necklace this month by submitting 1000PQV share the hosting opportunity with everyone you meet at your April shows, look back to past customers from the beginning of the year and offer them a sumer fun show. The tunics, the bags, the sunnies as well as the beautiful collection will get everyone in the mood for warmer days and dare I say it cocktails on the terrace!!! So the challenge is there, book as many shows in as you can and I will reveal all when April is over.

and lastly from me to you

I have always worked and delivered (through my career) the very best that I could with as much va va vroom as I could muster and will give 110% to the people paying my salary. I'm a bit of a control freak and for me that's expected payback.

Since joining S&D I have come to realise that there is so much more to "work".

This work brings me such joy.

For example when I meet a guest at a show who doesn't feel that great about herself and I help her choose a piece of jewellery that gets her a genuine compliment from a stranger and to then see how her face lights up in pleasure.

To know the respect that my hostess feels from her friends when they call to thank her for such a fun fabulous evening.

To feel the sheer excitement and love from a new stylist when they achieve success because as they put it, I believed in them.

All of this is so much more than the money, this is priceless and I am honoured to have you gals who do just this and more for womankind each and every day. You bring your joy, excitement, passion and fun and share it and that makes the world a better place.

To know that you are in my team fills me with more delight than you could ever know and that is why The Dazzlers are so very special

Thank You