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Sharing Literacy Ideas Together March 2015

The Connection between Reading Workshop and Writing Workshop

Have you ever thought about the connection between reading and writing workshops? As we approach the end of the school year, we want to reflect on each of our students as readers and writers. Sometimes we find a particular student is a much stronger reader than a writer. In other cases we find the opposite. What about those students who seem balanced in their reading and writing lives? These are really good questions to ask ourselves as teachers. Are there factors that contribute to the the students who have a balance in their reading and writing lives?

If you use a reading and writing workshop approach in your classroom, have you stopped to reflect on the similarities between the two? The structures of both go hand in hand. Do you find that your schedule is aligned with both? Meaning, do you believe that your students deserve ample time for reading books AND ample time for writing practice? Do you value the workshop time and make sure it happens everyday? If you find that the scale is not balanced, then could it be there is more time for one workshop and not the other? The structures of writing and reading workshops are purposeful and intentional and are intended to be thought of together. Look at your schedule, reflect on your students, and think about how in the coming weeks we can "strengthen" the weaker side of the scale and bring a balance into our classrooms.

How Am I Doing in Writing Workshop?

Suggested daily planned times for writing workshop.

Structures of Writing Workshop (total workshop time - 60 min.)

Minilesson - 10% or 6 min.

Independent Writing - 75% or 45 min.

Conferring - should be happening during independent writing

Teaching Share - 15% or 9 min.

As you reflect on the actual time you spend - what are the actual number of minutes spent on writing in your classroom?

Debbie Milner - Reading Coach, Chapman Elementary

Please let me know how I can help you and your students with writing workshop.