City of Lost Souls

Grace Heisey

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They have Killed the demon Lilith and now Jace ins't under her control until Sebastian comes and takes control of him and now they are gone. Clary and the people that care about him try to find him in the hopes that they can save them.


Clary (Jace's girlfriend/ shadowhunter)

Jace (Clary's boyfriend/shadowhunter)

Alec (Isabel's brother/shadowhunter)

Isabel (Alec's sister/shadowhunter)

Magnus (Alec's boyfriend/warlock)

Simon (Clary's best-friend/vampire)

Maia (Jordan's girlfriend/werewolf)

Jordan (Maia's boyfriend/werewolf)

Luke(Clary's stepfather/ leader of werewolf)

Jocelyn (Clary's mother/ ex-shadowhunter)

Sebastian (Clary's brother/demon-shadowhunter)

Character Analysis


Trait #1: reckless

Evidence: she goes into a situation not knowing what's going to happen

Trait #2: brave and willing to do anything for the people

Evidence: Jace says this near the end of the book and her action says this too.


"I never meant to hurt you. and i don't just mean at the Burren. I mean from the moment you- the real you- told me what you wanted. I should have listened but all t thought about was saving you, getting you away..."


Never give up on the people you love no matter how far they go.

Important Event

Ireland is where they raised Lilith again and started to make demon-shadowhunters and a big fight happens. Poll na Bleak


I recommend this to kids in middle or high school who like a book that has love, romance, action, and betrayal.