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Ethan Eves 6th Evans


Band starts in 7th grade and will last forever.If you join band, you can learn to play an instrument. After you practice and learn the music you can go on tour and play in concerts. You can make friends and have fun but band is expensive and time consuming, also if you do not have patience you will be frustrated at learning the notes.

History UIL

The purpose of the history UIL is to teach you about history in new ways and compete against other schools. In undertaking this you learn history travel and make friends.if you do not like mornings, dates, memorization, and tests this might not be the club for you. We have practice on Wednesday morning during tutorials.


The purpose of robotics is to learn more about engineering. In robotics you learn to build things and have fun. This is an elective for the problem-solvers of the bunch so if you like everything spelt out this is not the class for you. Like most things at school, you will make friends.

Student Council

The purpose of student council is to allow us students to have a say in our school. Although you have more responsibility, it's fun and you learn more about your school. To get in, you have to get elected, therefore you cannot be shy in student council.

Student Aids

If you are the "teachers pet guy" then we have the elective for you! Be a student aid, they help the teacher with things and run errands. This is open only to 8th graders and it counts as one of your electives. You get more responsibility and privileges.