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The first steamboat was design in 1787 by John Fitch.Then in 1807 Robert Fulton built a steamboat and made history by going to New York City to Albany with 150-mile trip taking 32 hours at a average speed of about 5 miles per-hour.
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John Fitch was the designer of the steamboat.Robert Fulton later on a made a steamboat and they called him "the father of steamboat"


People could got to places faster.People didn't have to walk for miles. Also goods got to places faster by steamboat then ground travel.


In the last 1830s trains started taking over the steamboat because, travel was much faster then the steamboat. The cost of steamboat had increased because they were made of iron and steel and constantly had to be maintained.

How did it import North Dakota

Steamboats came to North Dakota because of the Missouri River.

Importance to setting the west

It brought people and business to the west. Everything started to grow in the west.

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