Binatang (Animals)

By Rupanshi & Bronwyn

The White-handed Gibbon

The white-handed gibbon is a endangered animal that lives in the tree-top. This is because it is estimated that 10% of their natural habitat remains as the clearing of the trees are a problem. The young are captured from the rain- forest often sold as pets. Gibbons are found in the rainforests of Indonesia, southern China, Burma, Malaysia, and Thailand.

In the morning, they swing from tree branch to tree branch and sleep upright, sitting on the tree branch. They usually have their own tree to sleep in for each group of gibbons.

They have thick, soft fur in the colours of black and reddish tanned fur. They get their water from licking their fur. Like their name says, they have white hands, like gloves.

The sunbear

The sun bear are the smallest of the bear species measuring just over 1m to 1.5m. The male sun bears can weigh up to 75kg and the female slightly less. They have balck fur and white fur aroung their eyes and their muzzle. Sun bears have gold fur surronding their necks, making it look like a rising sun which gives the bear its name. They have short and small ears and a a sort muzzle. Sun bears's paws are hairless soles and large, and they claws are long, curved and pointed to help them climb trees.

The Sun Bear diets are birds and small mammals, along with fruit, vegetable and honey thoses who they lick with they long tounges. They can also be fed porridge, rice and dog biscuits.

Sun bears are found throughtout south-eastern Asia, Sumatra and Borneo. They like living in tropical forests. They are often found where the are high trees as they like climbing up high trees.

The Sun bear cubs can be bron any time throughout the year, and they approximately 325 grams each. They are bron in the litters on 1 or 2 cubs, and they life span is about 25 years each.

Most of the Sun bears are killed due to the cutting of trees as they habtaits are the tress.

People also call Sun bears Dog bears and Honey bears.

The Javan Hawk Eagle

The Javan Hawk Eagle

The Javan hawk eagle are the national animal of Indonesion, are they are very rare. They are 60cm tall and live in the forest. Thay have dark spotted wings and have chesnut feathers. The Javan hawk-eagle hunts mainly from the branches of small trees, where it watches for small to medium-sized tree mammals such as tree shrews, squirrels, fruit bats and occasionally young monkeys. It is also known to eat birds and reptiles when possible.