C-Heights Band Updates

September 3, 2021

C-Heights Band News & Updates

It has simply be AWESOME to finally meet students this year and begin growing strong foundations of what it means to be a band, both musically and as people working together. Students have demonstrated inspiring eagerness to help and do what needs to be done for us to be successful as we navigate our learning outdoors.

As we mentioned in our last newsletter regarding Dane County's Order 17, we are required to play outside. Both advocacy to county officials and the COVID-19 virus are developing and we are working on taking it one day at a time. Please read below for some updates about how band works and how to stay involved. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your students!

Jen Diallo & Ian Melrose

Band lessons have begun!

Music Class Lessons

All music students have a weekly lesson with students in their band who play the same/similar instruments. There is where:

  • Most grades happen (scales, rhythms, band music, other projects...)
  • We go over specific techniques for each instrument
  • Most individual support happens

Basically, they're a big deal!

How are they scheduled?

Lessons are assigned to A & B Days. This means students will usually have their lesson rotate between Mondays/Tuesdays or Wednesdays/Thursdays - depending on which A/B Day it is.

See lesson schedule here - or button below.

*This is confusing, please don't hesitate to reach out when you have questions.

Individual Band Portfolio - Keeping track of progress together

All band students have personal band portfolio where we will keep track of grades and assignments. If you are interested in having access to your student's portfolio, we can share it with you.

9th Grade Band & Wind Symphony first assignment

These groups already have their first assignment - a transcription project, where are working on learning a piece of music by listening, instead of seeing it on paper. The first section, ms. 5 - 12, is due next week.

Pausing on Upcoming Events...

Based on the PHMDC's Order 17 update on September 14th, the following opportunities relating to Cardinal Heights Band will be updated. It does not necessarily mean cancellation, but may impact when, where, and how often they take place:

  • First Band Concert - Monday October 18
  • Sun Prairie Honors Band (scheduled for Saturday November 13)
  • Band Lesson Academy (after school private lesson program supported by Band Boosters)
  • Jazz Band

We will update you as soon as possible regarding this events and opportunities. Stay tuned...!

Bucky Book Fundraiser (Sept. 3 - Nov. 5)

Sun Prairie Band Boosters offer a variety of optional fund-raisers throughout the year to #1 help support great programs like bringing in guest artists and composers and #2 earn credits to students’ individual band ledger that can be used for:

  • Field Trips (8th Grade - Kalahari, approx $40, 9th Grade & Wind Symphony Tour, approx $90)

  • Summer Band Camps

  • Sound of Sun Prairie (think Florida 2022 trip!)

  • Private Lessons

Bucky books are $35 each and students receive $11.25 credited to their ledger for every book sold. PLUS if you sell 5 books, the sixth book is FREE. If you sell that sixth book, that means $91.25!!

The Bucky Book sale goes until November 5th and books can be picked up from Mr. Melrose – ipmelro@sunprairieschools.org

Cardinal Heights School News & Links

Hopefully these links are helpful to find information all in one place. If there's ever other links you would like included, let us know!

Sound of Sun Prairie Updates

Congratulations to all the students who performed with the Sound of Sun Prairie at last Thursday's football game!

For students who are interested in curious about Sound of Sun Prairie 2022 - a spring & summer activity including a Florida trip!!!, there is a parent meeting coming up:

What? 2022 SOSP Season & Florida Trip Meeting

When? Wednesday, September 15 at 7:00 pm (approx. 1 hour)

Where? SPHS East Performing Arts Center (PAC) - must wear a mask!

Who? Interested students (grades 8-12) and caregivers are encouraged to attend.

Can't Make It? The meeting will be broadcast live on Zoom and will be recorded.

Zoom Link?


Meeting ID: 967 9201 5089
Passcode: AtCb9J

For more info: https://www.smore.com/dgzn9

C-Heights Band - Supply List

The following items will be necessary and helpful for all band members. If you need help (financially or logistically) obtaining any of these items, please don't hesitate to reach out. We can help!

Requested Supplies:

  • 1" Binder (*NEW this year!)
  • Sharpened Pencils
  • Working Instrument
  • Reeds, Oils & Greases, Swabs, Mouthpiece, etc... see our recommended supplies here. *Percussion - take note of stick & mallet updates on pg. 2

Ordering Band Supplies

Visit Ward Brodt's website to order any band supplies you need. Order what you need and then at check out you can choose school delivery under the shipping section. If you choose school delivery, your supplies will be delivered to Cardinal Heights and we will make sure you get them. If you are unsure what kind of reeds/valve oil/slide grease to purchase, we have attached a list of recommended supplies here.

Thank you! Looking forward to seeing you all soon. Stay in touch and stay safe!

Mrs. Diallo

8th Grade Bands


Mr. Melrose

9th Grade Band & Wind Symphony