Prohibition/ Law Enforcement

by James, Evan, Bishop

the start of prohibition

Prohibition started during the late 1919 and made the distribution and consumption of alcohol illegal. in the picture below we see a police officer over seeing the dumping of alcohol.

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the reason of prohibition

The wanted result of prohibition was to lower the crime and corruption. But the result that we got was a drastic increase in organized crime and a massive black market for alcohol
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organized crime

when the gov made the distribution of alcohol illegal the underworld of organized crime started to "bootleg" alcohol and sell them to underground bars called speakeasies. one of the main players in the organized crime was Al Capone also known as "Scareface" ran one biggest gangs in the illegal distribution of alcohol in Chicago . Capone created his mob in 1917 and it grew exponentially in the following years leading up to the prohibition. when the prohibition age started he quickly joined into the selling of alcohol and became one of the most ruthless and powerful mob bosses of his time
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Person: Carie Nation

Birth: November 25 1846

Death: June 9 1911

Carry Nations husband died of alcohol of alcoholism which drove her to believe that she was ordained by god to destroy bars and other places that distributed alcohol. at first it started with her throwing rocks and other thing through windows but quickly escalated into her taking an Axe to there stock of alcohol she was arrested multiple times but this did not diter her. she died on June 9 1911 and never saw the end of prohibition

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person: Al Capone AKA "Scarface"

Born: January 17, 1899, Brooklyn new York

Death: January 25, 1947, Palm island, Miami beach

Buried: Mount Carmel cemetery

Next of kin: Albert Francis Capone

Al Capone was born Alphonse Gabriel on January 17 1899 his parents moved to America in search of a better life. Capone was a promising student at a catholic school in Brooklyn but had a problem with authority at the age of 14 he was expelled from school for hitting a female teacher in the face. Capone started his career as a criminal when he joined a small gang called the junior forty thieves but eventually made his way to the powerful five points gang. during his time with the five points gang he was mentored by Frankie Yale at a saloon called the Harvard inn in while working security at the door he insulted a woman who's brother slashed his face earning him the name scarface. On March 27 1929 Capone was arrested for murder ,and his income tax evasion. Capone was sentenced to one term in the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. After spending time in a few more jails Capone was later moved to Alcatraz in 1932 where he spent most of his term in the med day due to his deteriorating mental state. Later on January 6th 1939 Capone was released ,and headed back to Florida to his family he later died on January 25th 1947 in his Miami home. Capone was buried at Mount Carmel Cemetery.

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person: Eliot Ness

Birth: April,19 1903

Death: May, 16 1957

Next of kin: Robert Ness

Eliot Ness was born April 19 1903 and was the youngest to 5 siblings. Eliot was born to two Norwegian immigrants Peter and Emma Ness. Eliot went to school at the university of Chicago and got a degree in economics. After collage he got a job as a background investigator for retail credit company of Atlanta. he then went back to school to study criminology In which he got his masters. Eliot's brother in law currently in the bureau of investigation influenced him to get into law enforcement he joined the US treasury department. After the election of president Herbert Hoover Eliot was sent the task of bringing down the mob boss Al Capone. Due to the extensive corruption of law enforcement at the time Eliot had to do extensive background checks for his team. after looking through 50 candidates Eliot choose 9 men as his team which later became known as "the untouchables"

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Person: John Dillinger

Born: June 22, 1903

Death: July 22, 1934

Buried: Crown Hill Cemetery

John Dillinger was a mob boss in the early 1930's he was the most notorious criminal of the early 30's. He participated in more than 12 different bank Robberies.

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Person: Fred "killer" Burke

Born: May 29 1885

Death: July 10 1940

Fred "killer" Burke was one of the main suspects in the valentines day massacre. and was put on the FBI's most wanted list. He died at the age of 47 in prison due to heart disease

law enforcement

even though the gov made alcohol illegal the police did little to enforce the law. some police officers even participated in speakeasies. some officers where bribed by the mafia to "turn a blind eye" in the selling of alcohol.