Rylander Challenge

Curriculum Night

What is Challenge?

Challenge is a one day a week pull out program for students who have been identified as gifted/talented. In Challenge, students study 3 topics at a greater depth than would be possible in the regular classroom. Lessons include both direct teacher instruction as well as independent learning. Throughout the year, opportunities are provided for students to practice research skills and develop logical and creative thinking skills.

2015-2016 Units

Things to Remember

· Check your child’s take-home folder and sign it. Help them to remember to return it on their Challenge day.

· Talk to your child about what they are learning in the Challenge classroom.

· Check our Challenge schedule for details about lunch times.

· Challenge unit evaluations are part of their report cards.

· Monitor students at home when they are using the computer for Challenge research. The younger ones especially need guidance and help with searching for information.

· Students are able to bring a device to Challenge to help in our work. Helpful apps to have installed are a QR code reader, ThreeRing, Google Drive, and Canvas.

"The brighter you are, the more you have to learn."

-Don Herold

Challenge Schedule

1st grade - Monday

2nd grade - Tuesday

3rd grade - Wednesday

4th grade - Friday

5th grade - Thursday

Our lunch time is 12:06.

Destination Imagination

Rylander is in the process of forming DI teams! Destination ImagiNation is an innovative organization that teaches creativity, teamwork, and problem solving to students across the U.S. and in more than 30 countries. It is an unconventional team learning experience where students all over the world solve mind-bending Challenges. Teams are tested to think on their feet, work as a team, and devise original solutions for a challenge. For more information, or to sign up as a Team Manager or student participant, go to tinyurl.com/rredi. The deadline to sign up is September 28.


Canvas will be used this year as a sort of homepage, as well as for projects, computer lab activities, and home learning opportunities. Canvas can be accessed through MyKaty or by going directly to katyisd.instructure.com. Homework will occasionally be assigned through Canvas, so it would be beneficial for students to have access at home. Assignments on Canvas are scored, and the assignments will vary between online discussions, quizzes, projects, and more.
"The natural trajectory of giftedness in childhood is not a six-figure salary, perfect happiness, and a guaranteed place in Who's Who. It is the deepening of the personality, the strengthening of one's value system, the creation of greater and greater challenges for oneself, and the development of broader avenues for expressing compassion."

– Dr. Linda K. Silverman