Top 10 Tips

Ideas for high school students as they approach college

#1 Take Accountable Finanically

You are the boss and your goal should to set yourself up financially to succeed by making a realistic budget. Stick to your plan and stay dedicated to your future.

#2 Be on the lookout for money

Scholarships are more available than people think. Apply for various types of scholarships and look for ways to get discounts.

#3 Watch Spending

You control your money, determining how you spend or save it. Entertainment and eating out can kill students financially, before every decision take a second to think about your plan.

#3 New books are out

Look for used books online and from older students to pass down. Some colleges may offer cheap online books to use on the computer or a tablet during class.

#4 Utilize your bank account

Banks offer a lot more than just being a vault, the can give students check cashing, debit cards, online services, personal loans, financial planning, and theft protection. The bank is your friend at college.

# 5 Be careful with your credit

Become aware of the benefits and responsibilities of credit and how you can find the card that fits you.

#6 Look for on campus jobs

Although school should be your main job finding on campus work gives you a close by job that maya help you with connections and experience for the real world.

#7 Housing

Compare the prices of dorm living versus apartment. Finding an apartment with a few friends could be a cheaper and fun alternative.

#8 Food planning

Utilize your meal plan to the fullest extent and also try cooking at home if possible.

#9 Be prepared with savings

Things happen and having back up money for car or computer malfunctions or when you need to take the bus home. Having money for safety and for the future is always a positive.

# 10 ASK

Always ask questions to your parents or banker. No one is expecting you to know everything, college is a learning experience for the future.