April 28, 2023

Message from the Principal

Lets finish this school year off strong. Attendance is a huge factor of student success. We need to make sure our students are in classrooms learning from the great JGHS staff.

Fighting / Violence will not be tolerated. JGHS adults having to put themselves into harms way to stop students from fighting and possibly being injured themselves will not be tolerated. Students, please know that if you choose to fight in school, the consequences will be swift, the student code of conduct will be followed to the max and repeat fighters may be sent to a disciplinary hearing which could result in you being placed online for your learning. Also, participation in all extra-curricular events (Athletics, Clubs, Field Trips, Prom, Graduation, etc.) will be denied to those students that choose to fight in school. Make good choices..... don't fight. Let's all work together to keepJGHS a safe place for both staff and students.

We will continue with hall sweeps the remainder of the school year. We are seeing a reduction of tradies because of these sweeps.

Students please make sure to check your school email regularly.

Attention: Please do not drop off students in the bus parking lot or drive across sidewalks these actions cause an extreme safety issue. Thank you

Please see this link for the buildings Standard Operating Procedures.

Important Upcoming dates:

May 3- No school (Staff professional development)

May 26- Half day of school

May 29- No school (Memorial Day Recess)

June 2- Graduation ceremony (Wayne-Westland Innovative Academy)

June 3- Graduation ceremony (John Glenn and Wayne Memorial)

June 7- Half day (high school students only)

June 8- Half day (K-12 students)

June 9- Half day (K-12 students)- Last day of school

Chain of Command:

Class of 2023 information ( Graduation and other end of year activities )

JGHS tutoring

Tutoring is offered on Thursday form 2:15- 4:15. Student's must show their I.D.

Law and Public Safety

Do you have an interest in a career in law, criminal justice, or public safety? This fall, William D. Ford Career-Technical Center will offer a new course, Law and Public Safety. In this program, students learn the Michigan Compiled Law, legal services, law enforcement, dispatch and emergency management.

Please visit to learn more about the new Law and Public Safety program, and all the offerings available at the William D. Ford Career-Technical Center.

To add this class or any career technical education course, to your 2023-2024 schedule, please see your counselor.

Clubs and Activities

Yearbook - Final yearbook copies now available! Here’s one last chance to capture lifelong memories. We have 55 extra yearbooks. But when they’re gone, they’re gone! So order your JOHN GLENN HIGH SCHOOL WESTLAND 2023 yearbook before they sell out. Order today at

Advocacy Club - John Glenn's Advocacy Club is helping promote Mental Health Awareness month all throughout May! We are working with the Counseling team and asking everyone to wear green on Fridays. Mental Health Matters, so wear green to help us promote the importance of making 'Space' for Mental Health throughout our Rocket Nation.

Announcements - John Glenn has gone digital…kind of. Below are links to this year’s episodes





Class of 2023 Yard Signs - Yard signs are on sale for $25 each (cash only) from Mr. Gidley’s classroom, room 107. We only have a limited supply. Get yours before they are gone.

Senior T-Shirts - We have a small supply of Senior t-shirts available for purchase. Shirts are $20 cash and can be purchased from Mr. Gidley in room 107.

Senior Prom - Prom is scheduled for Thursday, May 25 from 6:30 - 10:30 pm at the Roostertail in Detroit. Tickets will be on sale May 1 - May 5 at all lunches ONLY. May 1 & 2 tickets will be $70 each and May 4 & 5 tickets will be $75 each. Only seniors who have no suspensions for semester two may purchase tickets to prom. WWIA and virtual students may purchase tickets on May 1 from 2:30 - 3:30 in the JG main office.

Guests must be a student currently enrolled in high school or an individual who has graduated from high school in the last year. ONLY GUESTS will need a dance contract, this includes outside guests or underclassmen invited by JG seniors. Essentially ONLY JG seniors do not need a contract, everyone else does.

All completed contracts will need to be scanned or PDF and sent to from the signer's email account. Students SHOULD NOT be sending contracts from their email accounts. It should come from the person who is signing off on the guests behavior.

Any JG underclassmen invited to prom by a senior, may turn their contract into the main office for a JG principal to complete. The JG principal will then give the completed contract to the ticket table for the senior student to purchase a ticket for their guest.

A completed contract must be completed and submitted by Friday, May 5, in order to purchase a guests ticket. Paper copies of contracts will be available starting Monday, April 17 outside of room 130 or click this link: JGHS Prom Guest Dance Contract.

Please start making plans to purchase a ticket for this event. Do NOT wait until the last minute. Be proactive and if any issues arise, please contact an administrator or the class sponsors, Mr. Gidley or Ms. Nimmerguth before ticket sales begin. We will have more information to follow. Be sure to read this newsletter, listen/watch announcements, and follow @jghsclassof23 on Instagram.

To stay up-to-date on all the happenings at JG follow us on social media.

@JGLaunchpad @JGHSLaunchpad

Counseling News

Xello still needs to be completed in order for students to update their Educational Development Plan. We have 253 students that have one assignment left and 342 that have not started yet. Parents, please have your students login and check their progress.

Henry Ford college oppurtunity:

Zekelman Holocaust Center

Join us at the Zekelman Holocaust Center for a FREE special private event on Wednesday, May 10, 2023, from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. The evening will include guided tours of the current core exhibit and a child of a Holocaust survivor will share the story of their parent’s resilience. Light refreshments will be served. Register here today:

Summer School

Summer School for Students Who Need to Make Up Classes: Wayne-Westland Community Schools is hosting an opportunity for high school students who are behind in credits to take courses this summer, free of charge. Students will be learning online at home through Graduation Alliance.

The FORM TO APPLY is now available. Once the form is filled out, the Counseling Team will identify the courses that are needed for each student.

All students will be required to attend an orientation session with Graduation Alliance (either virtual or in person) prior to the program starting (date(s) TBD).

Online Credit Recovery Classes start on June 19 and must be completed by August 4, 2023.


Students and families, a food pantry is now at John Glenn!

Lunch and dinner items are available, as well as some healthy snacks.

Come down to room 116 to pick up items, or contact Mrs. Rajaee at (734) 419-2313.

Help us spread the word!