Please help us recycle properly at BTV!

Your help needed....

  • Recycling must be sorted into two bins:

YELLOW BINS are for office paper, newspaper, magazines, cardboard, corrugated boxes. Break down and flatten. No wrapping paper, tissue paper, pizza boxes, greasy food boxes.

BLUE BINS are for cans, bottles, jars, milk/juice cartons, plastic containers (#1-9 on bottom). No plastic caps or lids. No jar lids. No plastic wrap or wrappers. No plastic bags. No styrafoam.

  • No garbage in recycling containers. Do NOT put your recycling in plastic bags.

If it looks like there is garbage in the recycling containers, it might not be collected. Please put your garbage into garbage bags, securely tie, and dumpster.

  • Help us be a clean, environmentally conscious community.

Want to help?

Tonight, Wednesday, 7pm, we'll sort the recycling in the trash room. Come join the fun! Wear your old clothes and rubber gloves/work gloves.

Want more info about recycling?

Look here: