Spanish Newsletter

Week of March 25-29 2013

What we did this week...

Greetings Parents/Guardians!

This week students students learned more about the beautiful country of Costa Rica. Students accessed an on-line brochure on Costa Rica and were asked to identify key information and report out their findings to the class. It is amazing the amount of information that the students identified from the brochure as this brochure is for native Spanish-speakers...not level I students! Feel free to ask your child about this information. Here is the link that they accessed:

On Wednesday of this week students submitted their writing assessment titled "Mi Cumpleanos." Students were asked to apply their new skills from this unit and write about their ideal birthday party in Spanish. Students needed to identify who will attend, what they will do at their party, gifts they will receive, famous people they will invite, where it will take place, etc. The writing assessments were really interesting to read and not only assess their skills but also gave me the opportunity to know a little bit more about your child.

Tomorrow (Friday) Students will be presenting their unit 5 speaking assessments to me. Students will be working with a classmate and conversing about one of the three topics from the selections provided. (I have attached their dialogue rubric to the email so that you can see how they are being assessed.) They had today's class to prepare it and will be presenting it in class tomorrow. The goal for students is to be able to have a non-scripted conversation by the end of the semester (June). Practice, Practice and Practice!

Coming up Next Week...

As mentioned in last week's newsletter, students will be researching a Spanish holiday. This assessment/project gives students the opportunity to understand the importance of culture and diversity within the world. Students will select their holiday on Friday (tomorrow 5/29), will research their holiday on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and present on Thursday. Students will have the entire class period to conduct their research and produce their "presentation." I have attached the holiday information to the email.

School Announcements - For your calendar

On Tuesday April 2, 2013 there will be a parent/school/community forum at MHS (library) beginning at 7:00p.m. to discuss the defeat of the Milton Town School District’s School Budget vote. The Leadership Team and the School Board have started discussions about next steps. The purpose of this forum is for the members of the School Board and the MTSD Leadership Team to listen to the Milton community. This will be your opportunity to give input as to why you think the vote went down, recommendations/suggestions for moving forward, and input on Article III, the high school renovation/construction project.

Your attendance to this forum in voluntary but would love to hear from you.

Lastly, Quarter 3 will be ending on Friday April 5th. Friday is considered a make-up day for missing/past work, etc. We strongly encourage students to check PowerSchool for any missing/failing grades and schedule a time to meet with teachers for additional support, etc.