Battle of Bunker Hill

By Gabe Baldwin


Did you know that the battle of Bunker Hill was one of the most important battles of the Revolutionary War? First, the Generals had a very good relationship with his troops or army. Next, the sides didn't have a very good relationship with each other in other words they hated each other. Last, the British had about 2,400 soldiers. But the Americans had about1,300 soliders. Those were the three main subjects of the Battle of Bunker Hill.

The Generals

General Thomas Gage was born on 1721, Firie Sussex England . General Gage was also in the French and Indian war. Thomas Gage trained his 3,000 troops for ten years in North America. With the stress of everything and the battle Gage found himself barracaded by the Continental army. The outcome of the war was the British won with heavy losses. The Amercans got word that the British were coming and barracaded Bunker also called Breeds Hill and prepared for battle. General William Prescott helped the Americans prepare and lead them into battle. William was born on Febuary 20, 1776 in Groton Massachusetts. In June he was given troops to defend the hill. They readyed themselves for the attack. All in all the Americans won more than they lost the battle.

The Sides

In the battle of Bunker Hill the British had fired the first shot. The summer of 1775 the British controlled Boston and Bunker Hill. General William Prescott joined Mortans hill the British arrived on the 17th day 35 feet,above sea level. The two peninsulas were not yet claimed by the British. Even though they both guarded them.

The Battle

The Americans had 115 troops and the British had 226 killed in the battle. The British also had 828 wounded but the Americans had 305. Next, the Americans had captured 160 British troops. But the Brithish captured 0 American troops. Last, the Amercans proved to the world that they could stand up to the British in traditional warfare after this battle.


The battle was important because it proved to the world that we could win. Also it was considered another turning point in the war. The generals did have great relationships with their troops to be able to command them they did have to have one. As said by a American soldier " since the British shot us first we shot them last". To the Americans the battle was important because, the British started out with three thousand and they ended with two thousand seven hundred seventy-four troops. Those were some reasons why the battle of Bunker Hill was important.


conclusion-(noun)A final summary.

General-(noun)A commissioned officer in the army,air force,or marine corps.Also,ranks above a lieutenaut general.

revolutionary-(noun)One engaged in a revolution.


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