Ancient Greece

Religion, Philosophy, and the Arts

Pericles and Democracy

He supported democracy. He introduce democracy, he had the city pay the workers, and that meant that poor people could work for the city.

Gods and Goddesses

Rulers over Humans

Wherever, the Greeks lived, they would build temples to the gods. Even though the gods and goddesses had powers, they still had some human characteristics. The god that i would like to featured is Zeus. Zeus was king of gods and humanity. Greeks worshiped gods led by Zeus.

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Visual Arts

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The Parthenon

Today, the Athenian leader Pericles is probably best known for making Athens a beautiful city. The Acropolis, the religious center of Athens, had been destroyed in 480 B.C.., during one of the city's many wars. The builders of the new Acropolis brought Greek architecture to its highest point. there most magnificent work was the Parthenon, a temple to the goddess Athena. The Parthenon was made of fine marble. It has rows and columns that so rounds it on all 4 sides.

How did Greek use the visual and dramatic arts in their lives?

The Ancient Greeks devoted great attention to their arts. The Greeks used visual arts, such as architecture and sculpture, to glorify and honor their gods. Did u know that the Ancient Greeks are best known for playwrights, or people who wrote plays.

How much I enjoy learning about "The History of Greece?"

Well, I really enjoyed it because I like stuff about Greece and stuff. Also, I love learning about gods and goddesses. One of my favorite gods its Zeus, one of my favorite goddesses its Aphrodite. I LOVE ANCIENT GREECE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!