-- By Jeremiah Aguirre --

The Home Fromt

People who were not in the war had to food ration or save food for the soldiers. They also had to clothe ration where they were allowed like one sock pair or something like that.


The Blitz

The Blitz is when Hitler tried to invade Britian. Hitler did this by destroying the Royal Air Force,then he sent troops into Britian to take over. The nazis did this in summer of 1940.


Adolf Hitler🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪

- Hitler became chancellor of Germany

- Secretly built up a German Army

-Hitler tried to gain back the land that was Germany had lost

- he made an alliance called he Rome-Berlin axis pact


-1936 Hitler annexed Austria then demanded the liberation of German people in Sudetnland

-March 1939 Nazis marched into Czechoslovika and occupied the country

-April 1939 Britian begun rearming and a highly secret radar early warning system was installed

- August 1939 Hitler signed a pact with Stalin

-sept 1 1939 Hitler images Poland

-sept 3 1939 Britian and France declare war with Germany


German concentration camps were horrible. Germans put Jews in them. The Jews worked hard got fed horribly and soon enough got killed.

Axis powers

-Germany Adolf Hitler

-Italy Benito Musssolini

-Japan Hideki tojo

Allied powers

-Britian Winston Churchill

-France Charles de Gallue


-China Chiang Kai Shek