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2018-19 Vol. 3

The Oakland Counseling Association is a not-for-profit, professional and educational organization that is dedicated to the growth and enhancement of the counseling profession.


The mission of the Oakland Counseling Association is to enhance the quality of life in

Oakland County by promoting the development of professional counselors, advancing the

counseling profession and using the profession and practice of counseling to promote respect for human dignity and diversity.

How to Help a Student Who Suffers from Anxiety?

Submitted by Terrance Johnson, Source: forhighschools.blogspot.com

School counselors are generally the first line of defense when identifying mental health disorders in teens. Being able to properly identify and refer families to proper treatment is imperative for student recovery. Although anxiety is treatable, 80 percent of youth are not getting treatment! In addition, anxiety disorders are generally accompanied by other disorders like depression, ADHD, or eating disorders.

So, how can counselors assist students who miss school due to their anxiety? Here are a few suggestions:

  • Escort the student to class.
  • Create a plan for helping the student to catch up in his or her class.
  • Remain calm, thoughtful with the student, and family.
  • Schools should be flexible and allow variations in student's schedule.
  • Allow a staff person to be available to assist the student when he or she is having anxiety.
  • Schools should be flexible with academic expectations as the student adjusts back to school.

In addition, here are a few tips that we can provide to students who are still struggling with anxiety.

1. Stay busy! Anxiety often appears when students are quiet and allow their minds to run with thoughts.

2. Help students focus on the area where they feel the worry and use deep breathing.

3. Suggest that students begin to exercise - anxiety thrives when we have a lot of pent up energy.

4. Suggest the student have an emergency contact list to reach out when he or she is anxious. Having at least five people is important so that if someone cannot answer, the student has a backup contact.

Ultimately, we want all our students to flourish academically and emotionally. School anxiety has become more prevalent in recent years. It is essential that we are equipped to meet the needs our of student population.

UM forecast: Oakland County to add 42,000 jobs through 2020

Submitted by Sarah Flagg, Source: Kurt Nagl in Craines Detroit Business(April 26, 2018)

· County expected to add 12,200 new jobs this year

· More than 80 percent of jobs to be in middle- and high-wage industries

· County ranked ninth in prosperity among 37 other counties of its size

University of Michigan economist Donald Grimes says during the 33rd annual Economic Outlook Luncheon in Troy that Oakland County is poised for a boost in new jobs.

Oakland County is expected to add more than 42,000 jobs from 2018 to 2020, according to an annual forecast by University of Michigan economists.

Job growth in the county is expected to average 1.9 percent per year, with 12,200 new jobs this year, 14,000 the next year and 15,800 in 2020.

"Notably, growth has continued recently even with slight declines in Detroit Three vehicle sales in each of the past two years," Gabriel Ehrlich, director of the UM Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics, said in a written statement.

Ehrlich conducted the study alongside senior research specialist Don Grimes. The report was presented at a luncheon in Troy on Thursday hosted by the county.

More than 80 percent of the new jobs are expected to be in middle-wage ($35,000-$74,999) and higher-wage ($75,000-plus) industries. Areas such as professional and business services, health services, and leisure and hospitality are expected to see the most growth, while the manufacturing industry — including automotive — is expected to slow after a boost in the past two years.

"Oakland's recent growth reflects an economy that continues to diversify, a highly educated labor force and policy initiatives focused on future growth sectors," Ehrlich said.

The county's unemployment rate last year, 3.5 percent, is expected to drop to 3.4 percent this year, 2.9 percent next year and 2.6 percent in 2020. The national unemployment rate was 4.1 percent through March. Compared with 37 other counties of similar size, Oakland, which has population of 1.25 million, tied for ninth place in a prosperity ranking.

Nominations open for Counselor of the Year and Terry Hood Awards!!

It's that time of year to begin thinking about the Oakland Counseling Association Awards! Each year we count on YOU to nominate your fellow colleagues for our Terry Hood Lifetime Achievement Award and the Counselor of the Year Award. Nominations close on March 29th so please complete the google form below as soon as possible to get your nomination in.

2019 Terry Hood Award

Nominate a counseling colleague that is upon completion of their career and has made a positive impact on their school, students, staff, and/or community.

2019 Counselor of the Year Award

Nominate a counseling colleague that has been in the counseling field for any length of time that has made a positive impact on their school, students, parents, staff and/or community.

The awards ceremony will be held on Friday, April 26, 2019.


Upcoming Professional Development

Provider: Oakland Counseling Association

What: Career Development

When: March 15, 2019

Where: Oakland Schools

Category: Career

Registration: https://sites.google.com/site/oaklandcounselingassociation/events/full-day-workshop

Provider: MACAC

What: Urban Counselor Workshop, the art of counseling: awake, aware, arise

When: March 26, 2019, 8:00am - 3:00pm

Where: University of Michigan Dearborn

Category: Varies

Registration: https://www.macac.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=262200&module_id=322017

Provider: Oakland Schools

What: Career/College

When: April 12, 2019, 8:30AM - 11:30AM

Where: Oakland Schools

Category: Career/College

Registration: https://events.oakland.k12.mi.us/coe/coe_p2_details.aspx?eventid=172970&cc=COEE&oc=10

Provider: Oakland Community College and Oakland Counseling Association

What: Advising on Alternative Post-Secondary Options

When: April 26, 2019, 8:00 AM-3:00 PM (NEW DATE)

Where: Oakland Community College, Farmington Hills

Category: College

Registration: https://sites.google.com/site/oaklandcounselingassociation/events/agency-in-the-round

Provider: MACAC

What: MACAC Annual Conference

When: May 2-3, 2019

Where: Firekeepers Casino & Conference Center, Battle Creek

Category: Varies

Registration: https://www.macac.org/content.aspx?page_id=22&club_id=262200&module_id=313430

Additional Options:

MCAN Advance Postsecondary Planning Courses


College and Career Advising for Special Student Populations, Beginning January 14, 2019

Advanced Skills in Postsecondary Education and Career Advising, Beginning March 25, 2019

Advanced College and Career Readiness through a Comprehensive School Counseling Program, Beginning May 13, 2019

Contact: Domonique Clemons domonique@micollegeaccess.org

Registration: https://goo.gl/forms/ZA0ITodFQonPXNYv2

Do you know of other professional development opportunities we should advertise? Please email: agohl@bloomfield.org

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