Weekly Newsletter

Mrs. Darnell


It is so hard to believe that we have just six more weeks until the last day of school. This last semester has flown by so quickly! Even though it is a busy time of year, please make sure your child is getting the rest they need. I know it's hard!

Phonics Readers/Reading Folders

Sometimes, as a teacher I feel like a mom; you try something and decide to change because you feel it is not the best thing for your child(ren). Instead of sending two phonics readers a week; I prefer for my students to return their reading folders more often than once a week. Every two - 4 days depending on your child's progress; I feel will be more effective vs. the 2nd phonics reader. If your child is not ready and needs a week I am okay with that also.


Spelling test will continue as normal. Here are the words from Spelling List 20: by, say, for, even, point, nation, portion, sliding, September, and carnation

1. Please eat after you clean your jeans.

2. The meat and beans are getting cool.

***Please make sure your child is studying spelling every day. Sidewalk chalk is always a fun way to practice spelling on a nice spring afternoon.


In math, we will begin our unit on telling time. This is an important and sometimes challenging concept for little first grade brains. Please help by asking your child frequently what time it is. You could also invest in a cheap watch with hour and minute hands for them to practice.


In Science, we will be kicking off our animal research. This is such a fun unit for the students. It is student driven learning! They are so eager to work on it each day and are continuing to learn more about their animals. I think you will be impressed by what they have learned!

Animal Research

We are so excited about our database software Pebblego.com account! It will be an excellent resource for our students as they work on their animal research. The following username and password are private to our campus but if your child would like to explore the website after school feel free to use it at home.

Username: vanalstynees

Password: school

Important Dates

May 1st – Mother/Son Dance

May 2nd – Little Big Town

May 8th – Color Fun Run

May 11th – 1st grade Field Trip

May 18th- School will be in session (make up bad weather day)

May 22nd – Buddy Day


Below are pictures and videos I shared with your children during and after my trip. It would have been so much fun if your children were there with me to experience concepts we have learned such as the vocabulary word: shore or symbiotic relationships with the turtles/fish and the fact that they are oviparous and the state capitol...if only!

Thank you for all you do!

A view of Honolulu from Above


Diamond Head