The Dynamic Learning Project

At Cornell School District | Final Newsletter of 2018-2019

Cornell teachers are committed to using technology in meaningful ways with their students. Read on to see what some of Cornell's fantastic teachers have been up to!

Year 3 of DLP Coming to Cornell

The Dynamic Learning Project at Cornell will continue into next year! Be thinking of new things you want to try, as well as problems you want to solve, and we can work on them together in 2019-2020.

Kindergarten Author-Illustrators

Big picture
Mrs. DelGreco has a class full of proud author-illustrators! Her kindergarten students used Collins Writing strategies to draft a story about what has changed between now and when they were babies. Students used Book Creator to produce their product, adding their own illustrations to their stories. As a final step, Mrs. DelGreco’s students are going to make videos of themselves reading their books into Seesaw, which will serve as a way for students to share their work with their classmates, while they also get to take home a hard copy of the books they created.

Student-Centered Lessons

Students Show What They Know

Mr. Bogue’s students have been completing “mini-projects” using a variety of tech tools all year long. In addition, they’ve been creating a research bank for themselves using Seesaw. Now, as the year is coming to a close, students were able to access this research that they had been collecting as they embarked on their final projects, figuring out solutions to some of our planet’s most serious challenges. For the product of these projects, students could use any of the tech tools that they had tried in their mini-projects. From creating movies to websites, students were encouraged to make something to get the word out about environmental issues and to inspire others to care for our planet.

Congratulations to...

Please congratulate Cornell's newest Google Certified Educators, Mrs. Katie O'Neil and Mrs. Tricia Dahmen! These teachers spent time deepening their knowledge of Google's G Suite tools and have demonstrated that they know how to effectively use them in the classroom. Way to go!

Creating Virtual Reality

Mr. Erwin is helping kids make the transition from consuming content to creating content. Using Google's Tour Creator, his students had the opportunity to create their very own virtual reality tours that related to something they had learned throughout the year. Since students needed to include pertinent information for each stop on their tours, students were able to include some short snippets of writing to show that they understood key information. Mr. Erwin said that the process went very smoothly for his students. The technology aspect was simple for the students, allowing them to focus on their research.

Learning From Each Other

7th graders have become teachers in Mrs. Fuga’s room. They’ve collaborated with partners to create a lesson for their classmates about different regions in the world. In these lessons, students included Google Slides presentations, quizzes that they created using Google Forms, and interactive video activities made with Edpuzzle. Students loved taking the lead!

Tech Tools Help Students Shine

Teacher Spotlight!

The Tech Squad loves to recognize their teachers for impactful technology use. Click the blue button above, or go to (all lowercase) to read about what resonates with our kids!

Thoughts for Next Year

How can the DLP at Cornell be most effective for you? Reach out to Rachel with your thoughts and ideas for next year so that you, too, can benefit from this opportunity.
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