Pitch vs. Pitch

The ultimate showdown between softball and baseball


Which pitch is harder to hit, a fastpitch pitch or a baseball pitch?

The Facts:

  • a MLB pitcher pitches an average of 90 mph
  • a fastpitch pitcher can pitch up to 70mph
  • on a softball field the mound is 37 feet away from home plate
  • on a baseball field the mound is 60 feet six inches away from home plate
  • a softball pitched at 70 mph can cross home plate in .35 seconds
  • a baseball pitched at 100 mph can cross home plate in .38 seconds
  • a batter facing a fastpitch pitcher has .025 seconds to react to the ball
  • a batter facing a baseball pitcher has .055 seconds to react to the ball


The fastpitch pitch is harder to hit then a baseball pitch. As a batter you have less time to react to the ball. Also less time before the ball reaches home plate.

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