Blinding babies

Cell Phones cause blindness in babies

Blinding babies

Doctors have been researching the increase in the number of babies loosing eyesight after birth. After ruling out birth defects the doctors discovered that the screens on Iphone's damage the babies eyes. Doctors encourage parents to either stop using Iphone's or keep these phones completely away from young babies.

Good news for Apple

Lawsuit Causes android to close down

After a drawn out lawsuit between Android and the IRS, Android was forced to close its doors. This closure is good news for Androids biggest competitors Apple, who is already the leader in not only smart phones but computers and music players. Apple will now basically own the market for smartphones with all Android users without a company.
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Price of Iphone to skyrocket

With the release of the iphone 7 also came the price. That price $300 more than any other smartphone ever. Apple says they did this because the average income has increased by over 60% since the release of the iphone 6 with the drastic rise in the price of oil.

No more Apple on farms

With the rapid migration of people out of rural areas and into big cities Apple has made the bold decision to stop selling their products in towns with less than 20,000 people. This is being done so Apple can supply more people in a concentrated area.

Taking advantage while they can

With the news of the major increase in price of the iphone 7 coming out in 2017 people have been swarming to storms all over the country to buy iphone 6's While the prices are still low.