Mythology Platformer

It's platforming magic!

The general idea

The Mythology Platformer is an incredibly difficult game that was made to realistically simulate the frustration of actually being in a Greek myth. Basically, if you manage to beat the game, you deserve to be crowned a god on Mount Olympus.


In the game, you'll be able to pick from four different characters, and depending on what character you pick, you'll fight different monsters from each of the four adventure myths. At the end of each character's gauntlet, you'll face the main enemy of that particular myth. Everything will be astonishingly difficult to do, thus increasing the reward the player gets for beating each level.

Hate Yourself in the End, or your money back!

Guaranteed to be the opposite of fun and Relaxing!


For Icarus and Daedalus, you'll play as Icarus. This character will have a double jump, and his final boss would be the sun.

For Pegasus and Bellerophon, you'll play as both heroes. These characters will have the ability to glide in mid air, plus increased attack abilities while doing so.

Perseus will have the hardest level, and doesn't have any special abilities past his shield, which can be used to reflect projectile attacks.

Theseus will have the highest attack power, due to his sword, and his level will highly resemble a maze.