Connecting a novel to greek mythology

The plot of my story.

As far as Zane knows, today is jjust another boring day working at the gas station. One day, Zane get's in his car on his five minute break to get a quick snack at the corner shop, nor does he know there's a masked car-jacker in his back seat. Right away, the stranger signals Zane to drive, aiming the gun right at him. Zane begins to wonder who this man is, what he wants, and where this man is leading them to.

Connections to Pyrumus and Thisbe

When Zane finally finds out who the man under the mask is, everything begins to make sense. Carlyle Dennison, geek-loser extraordinaire, had been the "scary tough guy" hiding behind the mask the whole time. Carlyle's girlfriend ,Sarita Doud, had been in a car accident two days before Zane was car-jacked. Carlyle saw it on the news, she was on her way home from music rehearsal and had the right away at a green light. Some guy had been on his cell phone, ran a red light and crashed into her. Carlyle hadn't been aware d of any information on how she was doing,, all he knew is that she was going to die. Sarita's parent's were strict. She wasn't allowed to date, especially not some loser who wasn't Iranian or Muslim. When Carlyle went to his girlfriends house to beg her parent's to see her in the hospital, her father had threatened to kill him if he came anywhere near her. This, the reason why Carlyle had car jacked Zane. He needed a ride to the hospital at which his girlfriend was at, he needed to see her one last time before she would die. In the story Pyrumus and Thisbe, their parent's forbid them to be together, in the story Jacked, Carlyle and Sarita are forbid to be together. Each of these story's have the same type of conflict problem,

I consider Zane as the protagonist. Even though Zane has been car jacked and is held captive with a gun targeted on him the whole ride, he still has sympathy for what happens to Carlyle, and he wants to help. Zane won't stop until he gets Carlyle to his girlfriend, for once last goodbye before she dies. I consider the antagonist as Sarita's parents, because they forbid Carlyle to see her, or even step in the same room as her when Carlyle and Sarita have been dating seriously for 2 years now.

connection 2- Carlyle suffers from a traumatic event which refers to as a hero like characteristic. His girlfriend get's hit by a car and is the only thing he has left. The goal is to see her before ,as he had been informed of, she dies.

Connection 3

I consider Zane to have hero like characteristics,. Zane really is a hero, he goes on a journey to reunite two lovers before one will pass away forever.