May Newsletter

Team Believe

April Stats.

Personal Volume

1000 + Club

Courtney Martinez $1440.00

500+ Club

Emily Frye $924.00

Tracy Wibel $633.00

Allyson Anderson $567.00

200+ Club

Paige Livesay $406.00

Emily White $321.00

Linda DeCesare $303.00

Megan Howald $292.00


Thirty-one News

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  • Flash Sale May 12th-21st! Don't miss this opportunity to Text and Call customers and offer them a great deal! Items are selling out fast!! So get on the phone and throw together a $200 party!
  • Team Shine Facebook. If you are not on this group let me know so I can add you! Lois has been offering great training and its available to everyone in her downline!
  • June Special Spend $35 get a large utility tote for $10 or a deluxe tote for $25.

Jenny Grindle

Director Stats

PV $1526.00

3 parties

Recruits 1

My WHY? Family Vacations are really important to me and we wouldn't be able to take them if I wasn't working my Thirty-one business.