Love Not Loss

by: Bryan Lee, Clint Simpson, and Madison Raney

Put An End To Extinction, Get Informed

According to the IUCN Red List there are currently 44,838 species of animals on Earth, 16,928 of which are endagered and being threatened with extinction. The species that are endangered include one fourth of mammals, one eighth of birds, and one third of all amphibians. While extinction is a natural part of the evolutionary processes, there are many cases in which mother nature is not at fault. In the last 500 years, human activity has forced over 800 species into extinction. This means that the death of more than 800 species could have been prevented but wasnt, soley because of people like you and me.

It Can Get Better, The Decision Is Yours!

Among the many currently endagered species is the Yellow-Breasted Capuchin. There are only an estimated 300 Capuchins left in the world, all of which reside in Brazil. The reason for their endangerment is purely due to deforestation and being hunted for their meat, meaning the fault of the Capuchins decline can be solely placed on humans. Because of this, it has become our duty to help prevent the loss of yet another rare and exotic species by changing our ways.
If we do not alter our habits and do everything in our power to restore the Yellow-Breasted Capuchin population, its fate will become much like that of the Carolina Parakeet, which became exticnt before much was even known about the bird. Like the Capuchin, the Carolina Parakeets desend was purely due to deforestation and being overly hunted. Because humans continued their ruthless behavior toward the beautiful parakeet, the Southeastern United States lost one of the few exotic birds living in the region as well as the only known consumer of cocklebur.
However, if we take the proper steps necessary and change our selfish habits, we can change the fate of many cherished species that are at risk of extinction like we were able to do with the Black-Footed Ferret. With the loss of these ferrets, midwestern North America would have lost one of the few natural predators of parrie dogs as well as a unique species. However, because we stepped in and helped, this was not the case. Being another species that was once endangered due to being hunted and the destruction of their habit, this ferret is proof that it is possible to prevent the loss of these beautiful creatures, all we need to do is care enough to make a difference.
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