A Christmas Carol

By: Olivia Listul

How did the Industrial Revolution affect communties?

The Industrial Revolution affected communities by making them use higher tech things, and also some lost jobs and had poverty.

Why did Charles Dickens become and author?

Charles Dickens became and author because he had a reporters eye and and he was also a good entertainer. He also was a good comedy writer and made everyone laugh.

What is the Victorian Era?

The Victorian Era was during Queen Elizabeths reign. The Victorian Era wasn't based on just Queen Elizabeth, it had many things happening such as rebellions, and Individualism.

Was there a lot of Poverty during the Victorian Era?

Yes, there was a lot of poverty because of taxes, and a loss for jobs. Which resulted in many people homeless and many sick and hungry.

What is child labor?

Child labor is the employment of children below the legal age working. Many had to work to support their families.

What was invented during the Industrial Revolution.

Many things were made during the Industrial Revolution such as a locomotive, hand tools, aircraft materials, and computer hardware.

How did the Victorian Era effect poverty.

The Victorian Era effected poverty by making many people rebellious. Which led to many outbreaks of fighting and people becoming more and more poor. Which then led to taxes and poverty.