Animal Farm

By:Britton Franklin

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Boxer is a hard working horse that wakes up early every day to get extra work in. " I will work harder." is an example of how hard working and how dedicated boxer is.


My theme is the dangers of being uneducated. This theme develops in the story line because Napoleon is always changing the commandments and the other animals are to uneducated to know whether he changed them or if they were like that all along
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The Windmill

The building of the windmill was a huge event in the story. The windmill took over a year to finish, but when it was finished it was supposed to decrease work so the animals would have days off.
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The 7 commandments

The 7 commandments was a big symbol in animal farm. It symbolized the rules and regulations during the Russian revolution and how they were changed by the leader and nobody could do anything about it.