Rachael Ray

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Birth date: August 25, 1968
Education: High school and Pace University

The Companies (all media/internet based)

  • Three Food Network shows
  • A brand of pet food
  • A charity foundation
  • Cookbooks/a magazine
  • A line of cookware
  • Olive Oil

All About Rachael

Rachael was always influenced to live a life in the cooking industry. She decided to put her hobbies to good use and craft a career out of them. Her very first real endeavor was her book, "30 Minute Meals" in 1999. I could not find her total start-up costs, but she soon broke even and earned her way to stardom as people flocked from all over to learn of her legacy. She didn't face many challenges, only getting her name out there. She wants all people to know these three things: to take work seriously (but not take oneself too seriously), work harder than the next person, and to realize that the goal is not money or fame, but what can be offered to the general public.