Eagle Elementary

July 31, 2020

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It was SO wonderful to see our students and families last night for our Meet the Teacher Event! We are glad to be back!

We look forward to seeing you on Monday for the first day of school. Please be sure to read the information below regarding our daily screening tool and transportation to ensure your child is ready to go!

Daily Student Self Screener

Be sure to complete this screener daily for each child

Before dropping your child off at school, you will need to complete the daily screener. This will need to be completed EVERY MORNING. At Meet the Teacher Night, you received a paper with the link and QR code as well as a sticker on your child's bag tag. Please display it someplace visible at your home and make it part of your morning routine. You may want to bookmark it on your computer or phone.

We will be monitoring completion daily and will be reaching out families as needed.

Arrival and Dismissal

School times:
Kindergarten - 9:00 am until 2:30 pm
Grades 1-4 - 8:00 am until 2:30 pm
*Students are considered tardy if they arrive in their classrooms after 8:00 am. Our car rider line may be longer this year. If you are in the line be 8:00, students will not be marked tardy.

Students may walk/bike to school, ride in a car, or take the bus. Our ultimate goal is student safety! If we all follow the procedures it really helps us make sure all students arrive to school and back home safely every day.

Bus information: please call Amy Eaton at (317) 873-2852 (ext. 11802). Buses unload and load at the back of the building with the assistance of our staff.

Car riders:

At arrival, cars may enter the loop and wait for an Eagle staff member to indicate when they can enter the building. We ask that parents shut off their car to help with emissions if they are early for pick up or drop off. Students exit and enter cars on the passenger side. You will notice that we have large, orange cones. We will ask that students only load and unload at the designated points along the sidewalk marked by cones. Please teach your child(ren) to buckle and and unbuckle so that the driver can also remain in the car safely. Car riders will enter the building between 7:50 and 8:00 am.

Car riders will be dismissed at 2:30 pm. Students will wait inside for their name to be called over the radio. A staff member will direct students to their ride once it has entered the loop.

Please place a sign with you student(s) names clearly visible in the front window of your vehicle. The sign assists us with getting students to the correct car. A good trick is to attach the sign to a clothes hanger that can be hung from the rear view mirror.

***Please Note: We want to be courteous of our neighbors here at Eagle. Please be sure to keep driveways accessible to homeowners while we wait to pick up/drop off students. We also want ensure student safety by being extra cautious and obeying traffic laws especially in the areas surrounding our school.

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Walkers: All walkers must cross at the crossing guard. Walkers will be able to enter the building at 7:50 am and go to their classrooms. Students must be accompanied by a parent until the doors open at 7:50 am.
Walkers will be dismissed from the back door after buses leave and walked across the street at the crossing guard to the corner of 6th street and Beech Street. Please meet your child at the corner of 6th and Beech (Front lawn of the Hussey-Mayfield Memorial Library) to help with our safe dismissal.
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Frequently Asked Questions for 2020-2021 School Year

We (our Eagle Elementary school community) welcomes you to the 2020-2021 school year! In July, the ZCS’s Eagle Start guide was emailed to all families by Dr. Robison, but we wanted to share how day to day will look for your Eagle Elementary student.

While many things will look a little different, our commitment to providing students with a safe learning environment where they develop strong relationships and grow in all ways remains constant.

Will children and teachers be required to wear masks? Yes. Masks are required to be worn by anyone in the building throughout the day. We highly encourage masks over gators. Masks do not stretch out as easily and therefore remain covering the nose throughout the day. Children will not wear masks during lunch, and may have opportunities for relaxation while outdoors and during some classroom times when directed by the teacher when all students are seated and facing the same direction. Eagle has purchased lanyards with clips for all students and staff to keep mask accessible when not being worn. Extra masks will be available in the office if forgotten, broken, etc.

What is the daily screener requirement? Parents will complete a daily screener(link at the top of the page) each morning before bringing the child to school. Please make this part of your routine. You can place the sheet with the link and the QR code somewhere regularly seen (bathroom mirror, garage door). Please answer questions about symptoms, fever, and exposure honestly. Please keep all children home if ill or exposed.

What social distancing measures will be encouraged at Eagle? Some of the more visible changes to the building will be the set-up of classrooms. Student work spaces will be as far apart as possible and extra classroom furniture has been removed. Visuals will be placed around the building to provide students with reminders.

What enhanced cleaning techniques/products will be utilized? High touch areas and surfaces will be sanitized throughout the day. Shared materials will be infrequent and any items that may be used by more than one student (for example, chromebook or math manipulative) will be sanitized between uses. Our custodial staff will be sanitizing all learning spaces, common areas, and playground equipment on a daily basis.

Classroom Cohorts – What are those? The vast majority of the day, students will be with their classroom teacher and peers in the classroom. When in other settings, students will be interacting with their classroom peers (recess, lunch). This is part of our mitigation strategy to limit exposures to others.

How often will students wash their hands? Students will be encouraged to take frequent hygiene breaks (hand washing and/or sanitizer) throughout the school day. Suggested times include, but are not limited to:

  • After arrival
  • Before and after lunch
  • Before and after transitions
  • After restroom breaks
  • After recess
  • Before dismissal

Can I visit my children in their class? May I visit during my child’s lunch? At this time, ZCS has temporarily suspended nonessential visitors to our campuses. Unfortunately, this will require us to temporarily suspend the typical operation of many of our PTO events. We are so grateful for the creativity of these groups who are working to come up with alternative ways to provide fun, community building events for our families. Volunteer opportunities will be limited, but some clerical volunteer jobs may be available and will be coordinated through classroom teachers. If there is a need, the teacher will make that announcement to their families. Anyone who works in the school building will be required to have a background check on file.

What about field trips? At this time, ZCS has temporarily suspended field trips. We do encourage virtual trips, virtual guest speakers, and the use of VR (Virtual Reality)

Will we still have related arts classes? In order to minimize shared spaces and transition, all of our special teachers (Music, Art, Media, STEM, and Wellness) will be visiting the classroom during their scheduled time. We are encouraging outdoor time, and we will have designated spaces outside for related arts classes, so dress appropriately for the weather.

What will lunch be like? All Kindy and approximately half of 1st-4th students/classes will eat in their classrooms with the support of a staff member each day. Our cafeteria will be operating at a 50-65% capacity and there will be two classes from each grade level (1-4) that will be assigned a seat and will eat in the cafeteria each day. The remaining classes will eat in their classroom. We will rotate between classroom and cafeteria quarterly.

Will recess still be allowed? We are fortunate to have a campus with ample outdoor space and we will encourage outdoor time. During scheduled recess time each class will have a designated play zone (fields, blacktop, basketball, equipment).

Will students be learning outside as weather allows? We hope to utilize our access to beautiful outdoor spaces as weather allows. We ask that students come dressed for recess and other outdoor activity everyday. This can include athletic shoes, hat, sunscreen applied before arriving at school, etc. Classroom teachers will communicate more specific plans as they arise.

What about water bottles? Our drinking fountains will be closed. We ask that your child bring a full, refillable water bottle each day. We do have a water bottle filling station however the access to the one station may be limited.

How will you handle the increased car ridership? We have strict guidelines to keep people, cars, and buses separate. The car rider line (drop off and pick up) will look very similar and we do anticipate longer times. We will increase the “drop off zone” on the front sidewalk. We will expect that children are ready to exit their cars when they reach the curb.

We thank you for your support and cooperation as we embark on the year together. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Transportation Notes:

The 2020-2021 school year is quickly approaching. Bus route and bus stop information will be e-mailed to parents at the beginning of August. If you do not receive an e-mail, you can confirm your route information on our district website under the Parent Tab after August 3rd.

Director of Transportation: Amy Eaton

Direct Office Line: 317-873-1237 x11802

School Supplies Lists

Click here to view school supplies lists for each grade level.

Eagle Start Guide:

The Eagle Start Guide is located on the ZCS website at www.zcs.k12.in.us. The landing page link will update as plan changes are made. Changes related to this message will be reflected in the online guide by the end of this week. Changes will be captured separately on a tab called Plan Updates so you can easily see what has changed. We have also added an FAQ tab. Questions and answers will be updated as new questions arise.

An Update from The Eagle PTO:

We are so happy to have you join our Eagle family! Eagle is such a special place to send your kids. Every parent is automatically a member of the PTO at Eagle, if you would like more information or would like to get involved please feel free to contact me at kgreenla@yahoo.com or text me at 312-404-3915 if you have any questions.

With most PTO fundraisers and functions on hold, there is one thing you can do to help us support our teachers’ needs. Would you link your Kroger card to the EAGLE ELEM PTO (Zionsville)? Kroger is generous with their donations to us and your card can help!


Kristie Goehausen

PTO President

Upcoming Events and Important Information

August 10 - First day of school

August 20- Curriculum Night (Teachers will host digitally this year)

Kindergarten: 5:30-6:00

First Grade: 6:00-6:30

Second Grade: 6:30-7:00

Third Grade: 7:00-7:30

Fourth Grade: 7:30-8:00

September 7 - Labor Day (no school)

October 12-16 - Fall Break

November 2 - Student Conferences

November 25-27- Thanksgiving Break

December 21 - January 1 - Winter Break

January 18 - MLK Jr. Day (no school)

January 19 - No School

February 15 - Presidents Day - No School

April 2 - April 9 - Spring Break

May 26 - Last day of school

May 27 - Teacher work day

May 31 - Memorial Day

School Pay

You can utilize School Pay to pay for textbook rentals and to fund lunch accounts. Information about School Pay as well as additional lunch details, such as the monthly menu, can be found on the Food Services website.

ZCS Food Service Employment Opportunities

ZCS Food Service Associate SUB positions available at our cafeterias at a pay of $11.40 per hour! Work when it suits your schedule! After you try us out, perhaps you’ll want to join us on a regular basis! Click here to apply directly and call 317-873-1232, ext. 11630 with any questions!


Please click here to see Indiana required immunizations for the 2020-2021 school year.
Help us welcome the newest members of Team Eagle!

Click here to learn more about our newest staff members.

Team Eagle 2020-2021

Team Eagle Teachers & ZCS Teachers of Remote Learning

(Note: Teachers of remote instruction will serve students across ZCS campuses. I have noted the home school campus for each remote teacher.)


Marissa Ihle, Jennifer Sautbine, Kelly Spencer, Marykate Baker

remote: MacKenzie Orbaugh (Boone Meadow)

Callie Surface (Eagle)

Jill McCune (Pleasant View)

First Grade

Carmen Marshall, Jeanine Grathwohl, Christine Wright, Marissa Grant

remote: Becky Graham & Kelly Mattingly (Boone Meadow)

Jamie Smith (Union)

Melinda Strawmyer (Stonegate)

Second Grade

Deanna Schmidt, Katelyn Slack, Ashley Molina

remote: Lynn Munley (Union)

Erin Nahrstadt (Stonegate)

Michelle Weesies (Pleasant View)

Third Grade

Monica Condon, Katherine Werner, Annette Sinsko (Kristina Reid - temp for Sinsko this fall)

remote: Stephanie Compton (Pleasant View)

Lindsay McGuire (Boone Meadow)

Kellie Valentine (Union)

Fourth Grade

Emily Sigmund, Scott McKinley, Jayne Shubat

remote: David Gay (Pleasant View)

Lyn Smith (Union)

Nikki Hartsock (Stonegate)

Universal Preschool

Megan Hlade & Katelyn Money

Unified Student Services (Special Education)

Lynne Plawecki (Speech Language Pathologist)

Katie McLaughlin & Sara Thompson (Resource)

Krista Perman (Developmental Preschool)

Dr. Claire Braun (School Psychologist)

Britani Sepanksi (OT); Jennifer Kaleth (PT)

School Counselor: Diane Radivan

Literacy Coach: Beth Brent

ELL: Julie Luker

Lead Custodian: Kay Dearmin

School Nurse: Christina Reedus

Cafe Manager: Sheila Dibble

Before & After Care: Kimberly Bannister (Lead)

Office Team:

Austin Holtz (Safety Resource Officer)

Karen Klyczek (Administrative Assistant/Treasurer)

Andrew Foreman (Principal)

Holly Norman(Administrative Assistant/Registrar)

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