the federal bureau of investigation

In 1905 President Roosevelt was worried about crime increase in the U.S.A.
Because of his worries he made a small group of lawmen, this group could cross state lines if they were in pursuit of a criminal. At first there were only 10 agents. The establishment was later called the BOI. BOI stands for the Bureau OF Investigation.
Al Capone was taken to justice by FBI special agents. Director Hoover(director of the FBI) wanted to change the name to something other than BOI so he added the word federal to the front of BOI. During World War 2 the FBI had to keep America's borders safe from invasion. On August 29, 1949 in Kazakhstan the Soviets tested their first nuclear weapon. There were many people who were puzzled, they were puzzled because America was the only country with the formula to make nuclear weapons. The FBI went on alert. The FBI went and investigated all of the employees at the nuclear weapons test site. They found one suspect his name was David Greenglass.
David Greenglass was arrested for being a spy ,and then he was later questioned. During and after 9/11 more than half of the FBI agents were investigating the tragedy. The FBI investigates counter-terrorism situations and prevents them from happening again or prevents them before they happen. They keep top secret information secret. They also prevent cyber attacks.